Cash for Gold in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert & Queen Creek

Cash for gold at Oro Express ChandlerWhat’s better than cash?  The rappers talk about it, celebrities talk about it, and now even the president talks about it — cold, hard cash.  The answer is right in front of your eyes, and often time around your neck or even your wrist: gold!  Gold is as good as cash, if not even better, which is why you have those people that are stashing gold bars underneath their floorboards, or underneath their beds.  That’s also why we put gold in everything, our coins, our watches, our jewelry.  The fact of the matter is is that gold jewelry is as good as cash, and at Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold, we’re here to turn your gold into cash in mere minutes.

What Kind of Gold do You Accept?

Cash for gold at Oro Express ChandlerALL OF IT!  Being the top gold buyer Chandler, Queen Creek, and Gilbert trusts with their valuables, we pay the highest cash for gold rates out of any of our competitors.  The most common form of gold is, obviously, gold jewelry.  It’s also the easiest to appraise as a lot of gold jewelry tells you the purity it actually is.  However, how it’s appraised, you will want true experts.  Since we’ve been proud gold buyers for over a decade, we’re absolute experts at evaluating any and all gold jewelry.  Let’s take a look at the gold jewelry buying process so that you know what you’re getting into when you decide to sell gold jewelry to the best gold buyer Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek locals rely.

The Gold Buying Process

Cash for gold at Oro Express ChandlerOver the last decade, Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold has optimized their cash for gold service. The process was done to get our customers the fast and easy money they need.  It all starts when you pay a personal visit down to our pawn shop.  This is important, as without actually seeing the jewelry, we’ll be unable to give you a quote as we don’t know the weight, quality, or overall aesthetic of the jewelry piece itself.

Once you do, one of our employees will take the jewelry from you and look for a stamp, something that most (if not all) jewelers place on their art.  It’s typically located on a clasp, or if it’s a ring, on the inside.  This will indicate its purity, ranging from 14kt to 18kt for gold, and saying 925 or Sterling for silver.  Next, we test it with special acid — if the piece doesn’t react, then it’s purity is now confirmed.

Our last, and most important piece, is to come up with how much money we’re going to give you!  We will lastly weigh the piece of jewelry and multiply that by the current global trading price (this is why we pay the most, we update our prices every single day!) and make you your cash offer.  Should you choose to accept and let us be your gold buyer in Chandler, we’ll collect a few signatures. After that is cold, hard cash in your hand.

But My Jewelry is Worth More Than Just It’s Weight!

Cash for gold at Oro Express ChandlerWe do certainly pay more for aesthetically appealing gold jewelry pieces, so don’t worry!  It doesn’t happen too often that we can pay more than just the gram weight of gold. In most cases, the value of more pleasing jewelry isn’t that it looks nice. They are made by famous designers. As the gold buyer Chandler locals trust, we keep on the lookout of major brands.

The most popular instances of these is definitely brands like Tiffany and Cartier. Tiffany specializes heavily in silver jewelry, however, but something as simple as a silver bracelet only worth $25 in silver can be worth $200 by saying Tiffany. Cartier also has great examples of this.

A simple key chain ornament from Cartier can be worth $200 in gold, but worth near $1000 in actual value.  In any case, if you’re from Chandler, Gilbert, or Queen Creek, you should be taking your gold jewelry to a gold buyer that knows the ins and outs of situations like this to ensure you’re getting the fast cash you deserve.