The BEST Place to Sell Your Cell Phone or Smartphone in Chandler!

sell cell phone chandlerThat’s right, Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold wants to buy your used cell phones whether they are new, used, or even have a bad ESN. Even if you can’t get past the home screen because the password was lost, that’s fine! We will buy your used cell phones, no questions asked. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. New phones seem to come out every six months, and you don’t want to be stuck with old phones. You want the latest and greatest! We’re here to help you with that. Not only will we give you the best price for your used cell phone, but we will sell you a newer, more affordable used cell phone. There’s no reason to not visit the best pawn shop in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek today

Used or Locked Phone?

The condition of your used cell phone DOES NOT MATTER. Whether locked, dirty/bad ESN, or brand new out of the box, we will pay you the most cash for it! We’re in the business of buying used cell phones and helping our customers, so we will do whatever we can to get you fast cash and ensure you get that used cell phone off your hands.

sell cell phone chandlerWhat Kinds of Phones We Buy

Blackberry, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Droid, Windows, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, iOS, ZTE or any other brand: we WILL buy them. Even if it’s a tablet, a notebook, whatever! We’ll buy it.

We also have a wide selection of used cell phones that are for sale at largely discounted prices. So if you’re looking to sell your locked, used cell phone, then we’ll give you a large trade-in bonus towards a new used cell phone. This is just a small sample of the phones we’ll buy from you: