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Whether you are hard-pressed for cash right now or have simply inherited jewelry you don’t want; you can pawn or sell estate jewelry in order to get the money you need. Arizona pawn shops offer a convenient way to turn possessions into cash, and your loan can easily be repaid if you want your belongings back once you’re no longer hurting for money. But what is estate jewelry, and how can you turn it into fast cash? Here is everything you need to know before bringing your jewelry into our Arizona pawn shop.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

Don’t let the name fool you. Estate jewelry is really nothing more than used jewelry. It could be something your mom left for you, maybe only a few decades old; or it could be a family heirloom, passed down for generations.

Don’t confuse estate jewelry with antique jewelry. Jewelry has to be 100 years old or more in order to be considered antique, but estate jewelry doesn’t have to be that old for it to be valuable. Your estate jewelry may be antique, but your loan amount is typically determined by the quality of the piece, rather than its age.

That being said, estate jewelry is usually fine jewelry, as opposed to costume jewelry. This means that it is made of real gold or silver, set with valuable stones, making it worth enough to be passed down to future generations. This also means that it’s worth enough to be a source of quick cash if you find yourself in need.

Why Take Out a Cash Loan on Estate Jewelry?

Why should you get cash for estate jewelry, especially if it’s something you’ll want to keep in the family? No matter how good we are with money, there is always going to be some situation that tests our money management skills. If you need some quick cash, you won’t find any judgment here, and we’re not here to scam you or take advantage. When you bring in your estate jewelry, we’ll appraise the pieces and let you know how much of a loan we can give you, and then we’ll keep your jewelry safe until you can pay off the loan.

What Kinds of Estate Jewelry Can You Get a Cash Loan On?

Oro Express Chandler gives cash loans for a variety of different types of estate jewelry. Gold currently maintains a high value in our economy, so if you have gold jewelry or jewelry you think might be gold, bring it in. We’ll appraise it for you and let you know what we can offer.

Fine jewelry is the most valuable, so it will get the largest loans. If you have pieces from one of the most premier fine jewelers, such as Tiffany, Cartier, Rolex, and Breitling, you can expect top dollar for your loan.

We also offer cash for other estate jewelry, such as silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, and jewelry with other fine gemstones. Platinum jewelry and designer watches are other pieces of estate jewelry that may be more valuable than you realize. We may even make a cash loan on flatware, depending on what its made of and how valuable it is.

Do you have a large lot of estate jewelry for sale, or just a single piece or two? The good news is that it doesn’t matter. Oro Express Chandler will make a loan offer for individual pieces or a collection of jewelry. It all depends on what jewelry you have at your disposal, and how much of a loan you need.

Why Should I Get a Loan from Oro Express Chandler?

If you want cash for gold, Chandler AZ has many options to choose from. But before you start browsing pawn shops in Arizona, have you thought about what makes a pawn shop a trustworthy choice?

At Oro Express Chandler, we aren’t in the business of selling people’s valuables out from under them. We’re in the business of giving short-term loans in exchange for your valuables, and working with you so that you’ll get a chance to pay off your loan and get your items returned to you as soon as you get back on your feet again. Of course, you may not want your jewelry back, if you’re downsizing or unloading something you inherited but didn’t want, and that’s okay too! Whether you want to pawn estate jewelry for a temporary loan or flat out sell it, you can trust us to give you top dollar for your valuables.

Need a loan or have estate jewelry to sell? Bring your valuables to Oro Express Chandler today, and walk back out again with cash. It really is that simple!

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