What We Do as the Pawn Shop Chandler likes the BEST!

There are many factors in finding a pawn shop Chandler residents can trust. Our dedicated pawn shop in Chandler, will always give you the most money for your valuable items. Bring your items into our location in Chandler for an appraisal and walk out with cash in hand, no credit checks are necessary to pawn or sell your items. Unlike most of our local competitors, we are able to offer you a choice. You can either sell your items for real money or receive a pawn loan. We can also buy your item outright and get cash immediately. We offer to GET YOUR ITEM BACK WITHOUT HAVING TO SELL IT! Which is why we welcome you to come find out more about us, Oro Express Chandler.

What is Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold?

Along with being Arizona’s premier pawn shop, we are also Arizona’s premier diamond buyer, gold buyer, fine watch buyer, electronics buyer, art buyer, coin buyer, antique buyer, and much more. We have helped shape the lives of our customers by simply offering the best deals possible. Our staff has attained over 30 plus years of experience in the local gold and diamond trade; you can feel confident from coming into our store.  Our standard is that we will pay you the most loan-to-value in cash for your valuables should you choose to sell or receive a pawn for your gold, diamonds, fine watches, electronics, art, coins, antiques, and more.

Is that All Oro Chandler can Offer?

We also provide auto title loans on your vehicles through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC, so you can get a loan using your car title as collateral for the loan. If you need a short term pawn and you believe you will be able to repay the pawn loan and retain possession of your item, it is ALWAYS better to use our PAWN  services. We provide short term cash loans, giving the exact amount needed to suit your cash needs.

Oro Chandler is more than Pawn Loans and Title Loans. We also are a shop that provides quality used merchandise. That’s another bonus we offer for the city of Chandler. People are amazed by this simple fact; along with the fact in what we have in our store! We sell High Definition TVs, Video Game Consoles, Laptop and Desktop Computers, and more. We even take in some specialty items (case by case, ofcourse) for either sale or pawn loan. When in doubt, call us up! We’re happy to let you know what we take.

As a Pawn Shop Chandler locals trust, do you Ever Have any Jewelry for Sale?

DO WE EVER! In fact, we always smile when customers see the jewelry they were looking for; then realize that it’s at the price they can happily afford. We take all forms of jewelry: Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, you name it! Finally, we also have great sales going on with all merchandise. But, in order to know what those sales ARE, you have to come down to our store and find out.

As the top jewelry store in Chandler, you can bet that our silver and gold jewelry stocks are never depleted.  We keep tons and tons of jewelry on hand so that you can not only get the fast cash you need from us, but there’s jewelry here if you’re interested in purchasing from us.  This is also what makes us the best pawn shop in Chandler is that we don’t take precious gold and silver jewelry in just to melt it away, we cherish precious stones just as if you’re wearing it around your neck.

How Do Your Pawn Loans Work?

The pawn is written by law, for three months in the state of Arizona. If at any time during the 3 month loan duration you are able to repay the pawn EARLY, stop on in, pay off the pawn plus the interest and walk off with your item without any hassle or struggle to do so. If, at the end of the 3 months, you are unable to repay the pawn amount in full, BUT you can pay only the interest, we will (by law) rewrite the pawn loan for an additional 3 months. This is why we are a Pawn Shop Chandler residents can turn to.

This process is repeatable every 3 months. The request is also for as long as necessary. As you hold onto your pawn, we will work out a payment plan, according to state lending guidelines, to suit your personal needs. If you are unable, after 3 months, to pay neither the pawn amount, nor the interest, the item will default and you will lose ownership. To put it simply, your item pays your remaining balance on your behalf. You will not be obligated to pay any additional money. Your credit is unaffected as well. We recommend our pawn loan services if your financial needs are temporary and you need quick financial assistance.

What Regulates Your Practices?

We operate under licenses granted by the City of Mesa, Chandler and the County of Maricopa. Our operating procedures, policies and interest rates are regulated by the State of Arizona. This is further checked by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.  In short, all loans are tightly regulated; This is to ensure you are getting a fair deal.  You can read more about those on the Arizona Commerce’s website, http://old.azcommerce.com/BusAsst/SmallBiz/SBS/IC/ICac.htm.

Pawn Shop Chandler - Gold Buyer - Jewelry Buyer - Title Loans

That Sounds Impressive!

We simply wish to inform our customers about who and what we are. As such, we are a business in the sole purpose of offering ways to get customers financially back on their feet with our loan programs. We also want to remind customers that you can come to a pawn shop as any other. Our service and confidence can match any other store in Chandler, and the VALLEY OF THE SUN for that matter. But no store, no matter HOW great, can succeed without customers. This is fact. So if you are looking for a Pawn Shop Chandler residents and residents in the Valley can stand behind, Welcome! We have been waiting for you.