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Pawn Laptop

Laptops are everywhere. Laptops are at home, in the office, in schools and universities. The portable nature of the computer is the second most vital feature of our modern culture, second only to cell phones. But laptops can also work as a means to get extra cash! Therefore, if you pawn laptop/netbooks with Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold you can get that extra cash now!

As long as your laptop has a resale value of $150.00 or more, and is newer than 2 years old, we are more than happy to hand you cash when you pawn laptop at our store.

What Laptops/Netbooks Do You Accept?

There are many models and manufacturers that we accept for this type of loan:bring in and pawn laptop at Oro Express Chandler and get the most cash possible! <ima>

How Long of a Duration Do Laptop Loans Last?

Our Loan Duration is the standard 3-month duration for all pawn laptop loans under Oro Chandler’s policy. This will give the customers plenty of time to repay the loan they set up. Yes, this is a loan and it must be repaid. But there are options to go about repaying. First, paying the loan early on would be the best-case scenario. This is something we hope happens as that’s better for customers.

What is Necessary for When You Pawn Laptop Computers?

when you pawn laptop, make sure you have all the accessories it came with, even the box if possibleThere are several things to keep in mind when you pawn laptop computers with us:

  1. Make sure the model you wish to bring is relatively new. A good rule of thumb is if the model was built within a year of the current date you request, that it would be safe to pawn.
  2. All accessories must be present when you have the desire to get cash with us. If anything is missing, we cannot take the laptop in. That would make us sad.
  3. There cannot be any noticeable damage. If we see them, such as a cracked screen or missing keys, we cannot take it.
  4. We also will need to have a valid and current Arizona State-Issued ID (mainly the Driver’s License). This is necessary for verification purposes and it’s a deal breaker without one.

This seems intimidating, but we can assure you that knowing these things up front is the best approach to get the most cash from us.

What If I Have Further Questions?

That’s where we come in; to help sort out any concerns that you may have when you pawn laptop computers. Our staff is here to help answer any questions customers may have.