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When it comes to an item as valuable as diamond jewelry, you want to receive a fair price to sell it.  And it is difficult to know where you canDiamond Jewelry Buyer - Oro Express Chandler go to be treated well.  At Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold, we provide accurate assessments that lead to the best offers possible.  Because of this, we’ve been the premier diamond jewelry buyer for well over a decade.   Let us explain how we make this happen!

Diamond Jewelry Buyer That Knows Value

Whether you have a pendant, bracelet, rings or earrings, the value of diamond jewelry comes from two separate sources.  One is the diamond(s).  The other is the precious metal that it is set in.  Therefore, to make a decent offer for diamond jewelry, you must complete two assessments, then combine them to make an offer.  And, at Oro Express Chandler, that is exactly what we do!

Our assessments of diamond jewelry are complimentary.  Nor is there an obligation to accept our offer.

Assessing the Gold, Silver or Platinum Jewelry

To valuate the precious metal, we must identify how pure the gold, platinum or silver actually is.  For us to know where to start, we will locateGold assessments are what a diamond jewelry buyer does to value correctly. the hallmark that is discreetly hidden.  Once located, Oro Express Chandler will verify, or possibly find it to be finer than noted.  To do so, we will use a touchstone to retrieve minute flakes from the jewelry piece to test.  This in no way will affect the visual appeal of your jewelry.  Our pawnbroker will use the proper test kit to confirm the fineness of the gold, silver, or platinum.  After that, we will weigh it, and then refer to the current spot price.  That will be the completion of one assessment.

The 4 C’s of Diamond Assessments

The 4 C’s is a grading system of diamonds that was created by GIA.  This is used worldwide to accurately assess their value.  They are asThe 4 Cs of diamond value - Diamond Jewelry Buyer - Oro Express Chandler follows:

  1. Cut – This is examining how the diamond’s facets are cut, and the reflection of light sparkle because of it.  (Many think that it is the shape of the diamond is cut…round, marque, etc.,)
  2. Color – There are multiple different hues that are found in diamonds.  An actual clear diamond is the most rare.
  3. Clarity – These are imperfections found in or on the diamond.  Inclusions are internal flaws.  Blemishes are on the exterior.
  4. Carat – This is the weight of the diamond.  A carat’s weight is 0.200 grams, and is subdivided into 100 points.

Once both assessments are completed, they are then added together to present our cash offer to you.

Diamond Jewelry Loans Offered

Diamond jewelry can often have extreme sentimental value.  Whether it’s a diamond ring from a marriage, or a diamond necklace passedOro Express Chandler - Pawn or Sell Diamond Jewelry down through generations.  Therefore, if selling your diamond jewelry simply isn’t an option, there is another available to you.  For almost the same amount of cash, you can pawn diamond jewelry instead.  As a result, you can get the cash you need now, and have 90 days to satisfy the loan.  For the duration of the loan, the diamond jewelry sits in our safe and secure jewelry vault until your return.  Once the loan is paid back in full, we will gladly retrieve it from the back, and hand it directly to you.

Whether it is to buy or pawn diamond jewelry, Oro Express Chandler makes the best cash offers in Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek!