Sell Gold in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert & Queen Creek

Cash for gold at Oro Express Chandler

Gold cannot be sold sight unseen. The experienced appraisers of Oro Express Chandler need to examine your gold to offer you a fair price. Bring in your gold to sell, whether in bullion or jewelry form and allow the experts to appraise it. Most gold is labeled with purity marks:

  • 14 carat: 58.5 percent gold
  • 18 carat: 75 percent gold
  • 22 carat: 91.6 percent gold
  • 24 carat:  At least 99 percent gold

How the Gold Selling Process Works

Our buyers evaluate your gold for two criteria:

  • The assay value of its gold content
  • The aesthetic value of its collectability and beauty

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) sets bullion gold prices twice daily; we know both daily prices and react instantly to market fluctuations. Once your gold is separated into different purities, it is weighed and a value determined. You get the fairest offer possible.

If your grandmother’s gold necklace is worth more for its beauty, the appraisers will tell you that and offer a fair price.

Benefits of Selling Us Your Gold

In buying and selling any commodity, a spread exists between what a buyer will pay you and what will be charged to a customer. Gold, precious and dazzling though it might be, is a commodity. It has bullion value (the value of its gold content) and aesthetic value.

The trained assayers of Oro Express Chandler have years of experience valuing gold. If your piece is worth more for its beauty and aesthetics than it is for its gold content, we will tell you. If you have bullion value only, we will honestly appraise that, too. Then we will offer you a fair price with as small a spread as you will find among pawn shops in Arizona.

We Accept All Kinds of Gold in East Phoenix

What should you gather and bring to sell your gold at Oro Express Chandler? Everything you have that either is definitely gold or you suspect is gold. To trade gold for cash, we must have the gold in front of us. This means all gold jewelry, gold coins, and even gold bullion are accepted for cash at Oro Express Chandler. Come on in today!