Pawn Boats & Watercraft in Chandler!

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Nothing beats the thrill of racing across a lake on a nice sunny day in a boat or watercraft. Yet, in the heat of Arizona, it seems that our watercraft don’t get to leave our houses very often. Why not turn it into money? Especially if you need the cash? Pay off those bills quick with a boat pawn loan, also known as pawning boats! Since you’re in a desert, your watercraft just collects dust anyway, so do something useful with it. Pawn boats for cash in Chandler in a mere minutes!

Why Take out a Boat Pawn/Title Loans?

New boats can be extremely expensive. And in all reality, you’re getting something that you pay year round for and only use a few months out of the year. This means that your boat is sitting either in your driveway, storage, or docked at the marina for a good portion of the year. From one season to the next, you never know what’s going to happen when you try to start your boat. If you’re an avid boater, you know that the top of the season means costly repairs for your watercraft. While no one wants the bad news, some one is going to have to fix it.

And when the time does come for a repair, know that Phoenix Title Loans is here to help. Allow us to take the burden of a costly repair off your chest with a low interest Title Loan. Our Title loans can be considered personal loans – like one from your brother, cousin, friend, or parents. This means that whether you pay off the loan or not, your credit score will not be effected. We also do not perform credit checks prior, during, or after your loan. The only thing you need for a boat title loan from us is a clear and free title in your name.

One important thing to know is the difference between boat title loans and auto title loans.  Since boats in the State of Arizona don’t carry a traditional title like our four-wheeled friends, these loans are written out as pawn loans instead of actual title loans.  The process, payments, interest rates, all that fun stuff is still the same except that we have to store your collateral rather than you keeping the boat.  With auto title loans we aren’t required to store the car because the loan is placed on the title and not the item itself.  With a boat, the item is what goes towards the loan required us to store the item.  Have no fear, however, because your boat will be stored in our safe, secure storage facility for the remainder of the loan.  At Phoenix Title Loans, we’re in the business of helping our customers not taking advantage of their poor financial situations.  We can work with whatever situation you present to us.  With Winter quickly approaching, your boat is going to see much use anyway so turn it into the cash that it’s worth in as little as fifteen minutes.

What Kinds of Watercraft Do You Offer Pawn Loans On?

We don’t discriminate. If it goes on the water we can set you up in a matter of minutes. Boats, jetskis, speedboats, kayaks, canoes, whatever it is, you can get a fast and easy pawn loan. Our pawn loans will get you the most cash for your watercraft instantly. We offer these boat pawn loans loans in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek, and will always ensure we’re getting you the most cash for you watercraft PAWN loan. You will never have to worry about your boat or watercraft until because we will keep it safe and secured in our storage facility until you come in to redeem your pawn.

What Brands of Boats Will You Pawn for a Boat Title Loan Chandler owners can expect?

We have a pawn loan available for any boat out on the water. Ski boats, sailboats, pontoons, decks and even yachts. Oro Express has a pawn loan for you! At Oro Express Chandler, we will get you the fast cash you need for any and all watercraft / boats that you have to offer!  Here’s a small listing of brands that we often loan on:

What’s important to note is that this list is nowhere near exclusive.  We’re in the title loan business to get people out of financial emergency which sometimes require us to step out of our comfort zone and help people through extenuating circumstances.  We’ve built our services over the last decade to ensure that every single person has a helping hand to lift them up when they’re down.  We can get you a title loan to fix your car, to get your car out of impound, to get you through a month’s worth of bills when you find yourself between jobs, or to help you catch up on bills if you’re on a fixed income (social security, disability, anything of that sort)!

 Our Boat Title Loans are unique as nobody else in the valley is as motivated to help the citizens of Chandler, Queen Creek, and Gilbert more than we are.  Still curious about getting a Boat title Loan?  Just fill out our Online Title Loan Application and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  No stress, no hassle, no problems!

If you need fast cash, no matter whether you’re in Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa, or Gilbert, then we’re here to help with a boat pawn loan. Come visit Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold today!

Looking for more information? Check out the Boat Pawn Loans page on Phoenix Title Loans, LLC’s website!


Boat title loans Chandler mariners can rely is one where you use your boat as collateral for a pawn loan. Although boat trailers have a title, boats are licensed by the Game and Fish Department. This makes them ineligible for a title loan. However, as with almost anything that is made there is a value associated with boats which, for the purpose of a boat pawn loan translates to collateral.  Most of us are familiar with auto title loans, and that’s good because pawning a boat is similar.  The difference is that a pawn loan is written out for a 90 day term.

At the end of that term you have an option to either redeem or renew your pawn for an additional 90 days.  As with all other collateral loans your property is held in our safe, secure storage facility. This is just in case we need to recover our funds from the loan.  All of the terms are the same as an auto title loan, including small things such as interest rates and monthly payments.

So Pawn Boats for fast cash in Chandler, don’t delay, get cash today!