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Jewelry Buyer

While many people think of pawn shops as a place for cash loans, or to sell things like electronics or unwanted power tools, the fact is they’re so much more. What many folks in Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek are simply unaware of this fact; our ability to also be a buyer of all the same items we make loans on! In particular, the largest item we deal with on a day-to-day basis is not electronics or power tools; but in fact jewelry.  We’ve been Chandler’s leading jewelry buyer for well over a decade; paying the most cash for silver, gold, and diamond jewelry in town. You simply won’t find a faster or better way to sell jewelry for cash in Chandler.

The Importance of Proper Appraisal

Anyone who buys jewelry must appraise the jewelry before they’re able to offer a quote, obviously. Many individuals, due to lack of experience or expertise, typically use a crude process to do this. While this is safe for the store, it often will cost the jewelry seller cash; sometimes in the hundreds of dollars. At Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold, we understand that every piece of jewelry is unique, intricate; thus requiring its own proper valuation no matter if it’s silver, gold, or diamond. All of our employees are trained across the board in our processes. This training is so that our customers can not only get their cash in as little as five minutes but can get the maximum amount of cash possible; for each of the precious metals or gems within their jewelry.

When it comes to precious metals, the steps are essentially the same between gold and silver. First and foremost, our employees look for a stamp placed there by the manufacturer that indicates its purity. These can vary wildly particularly when it comes to gold and is the most vital piece of an appraisal. This is only a starting place for us, however, and for every piece of jewelry. We also perform an acid test to both confirm the stamp is accurate, and also to see if the silver/gold jewelry is of a higher grade than indicated.

This in combination with the weight allows us to come up with a cash estimate and what we can send you home with that exact moment of that day. These prices we use for weight are also updated on a daily basis in Chandler, Queen Creek, and Gilbert, to ensure that our jewelry buying matches the value of actual gold worldwide.

Selling Jewelry Is Not the Only Option

At Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold, we understand that jewelry can often have a great deal of sentiment or intimacy attached to it and that selling it may not be in the best interest of an individual. As a Jewelry Buyer, we still wish to offer options. Rest assured, no matter the value of the jewelry, we can still put cash in your pocket.  We’re more than happy to offer any customer a jewelry loan in place of buying jewelry so that they can have a ninety-day window of time with which to repay the loan and reclaim their jewelry.

At Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold, we only have our customer’s best interests in mind, and this is evident when looking at any one of our many services available.