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Gold Loan - Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold

Gold Loan

It’s no secret to those who have invested in gold; rather, those interested in history. Gold as a metal, regardless of whether it’s in artifacts, coins, or jewelry, has held immense value for centuries. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried with their treasured to enjoy their wealth in the afterlife due to their huge value.  Today, we typically only enjoy the precious metal of gold in the form of jewelry; often we

forget how treasured such items were in the past.

Today, they still hold a great deal of value. For those who find themselves currently in financial disparity, can use this gold jewelry to bridge the gap; until they’re able to put themselves back onto the path of financial success.  At Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold, we specialize in getting customers from Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek fast cash for their gold jewelry, gold coins, or scrap gold through our cash gold loans.  No matter what type of gold you have, if you’ve got it, then we’ve got gold to loan to you.

Evaluating and Assessing Gold Jewelry

The most common form of gold is in gold jewelry; gold jewelry loans are by far our most popular product.  In order to come up with the cash amount we can lend, an accurate appraisal and assessment are necessary.  All of our associates have been appropriately trained in all forms of gold; this ensures that no matter where our customers come from, they’re getting the appropriate amount of available cash for their gold.

The appraisal begins with us looking for a stamp which is left by the manufacturer in a hard to see location.  This is normally on the inside of a ring, or on the clasp of a necklace and indicates the purity of the gold in the form of “karats”.  These can indicate a purity anywhere from 10 karats to 24 karats which represent the purity of somewhere in the forties percent to ninety-nine percent!  You can see why this value is important just looking at those two values.  We cannot trust the manufacturer blindly, of course, and we verify the accuracy of the karat stamp with the use of acid that poses no damage to the gold jewelry.

Lastly, we figure out the gram weight of your gold items.  This combined with the purity of the item allows us to make you a cash offer for your gold.  This obviously comes in the form of a gold loan, but literally puts cold, hard cash directly into your hand.  There are no checks and no-nonsense.  You can get a gold loan in a matter of minutes from our Chandler pawn shop.  If you’ve got gold coins, gold jewelry, or any other kind of gold, we’ll happily pawn gold for cash.

Repay Anytime for Cheap!

All of our gold loans are written out for ninety days according to Arizona law.  That said, any customer is more than welcome to come and repay the pawn loan; as early as they’d like with no penalty whatsoever.  Come to the end of the gold loan term, all customers have two options regarding their gold items.  We understand financial security can sometimes take longer than such a short period. With only the payment of interest on that ninetieth day, we can rewrite the gold loan for another ninety days; giving you as much freedom as you’d like.  There’s a reason why the citizens of Queen Creek, Gilbert, and Chandler choose us; their cash gold loan provider and have for more than a decade.