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Secured 90 Day Cash Loans

oroexpresschandler loans

Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold is your place to stop for loans.  The process today for acquiring a loan is long, troublesome, and full of hassle.  The worst part is, most of the time you won’t be approved!  Because of bad credit, no credit, or whatever the reason, it’s tough to get a loan.  We offer loans in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Queen Creek.

Loans For Everyone

No credit, bad credit, we don’t care!  This offer is to anyone and everyone.  Our loan process is vastly different from that of a bank or financial institution.  The large difference is the issuance of collateral: we take collateral to secure our loans.  We basically offer you cash against an item that you own up to its value, and the item remains yours.  You pay us the interest on the loan, and once you pay it off the item is still yours.

Any Particular Item Needed For Collateral?

Regardless of what the item is, if it’s worth money, we’ll give you the cash for your item.  You can look up above, and see all the items we buy(hint: we buy everything) and see what you can also get a loan against.  If we buy it, we’ll also offer you a loan against it.  Here’s a small list of the items we can offer loans on:

The Best Kind of Loans

If you need a good chunk of change, and you need it fast, then the best thing you can do for your wallet is to get an Auto Title Loan.  These are very unique in their nature, and do not exactly follow how our typical loans are made out.  An auto title loan is a loan against your vehicle, wherein you bring it down to us and we offer you a valuation on your car.  You can borrow as much as you need up to the value of your car, even up to $50,000 and above!  The best part, and what makes auto title loans unique, is the fact that you still get to drive away in your vehicle.  Get your cash, and you still get to drive away in your vehicle.

You can rest assured you aren’t just getting an auto title loan through a pawn shop, because all of our auto title loans are offered through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC.  They are a well-versed and respected title loan company that has provided excellent programs and incentives to their customer. You can get the most money for your vehicle in all of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, or Queen Creek.

If you need fast cash, you know what the best option is: come visit us at our pawn shop and rest assured that your item is safe, your money is safe, and that you can take care of any financial concerns you might have.

What makes Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold the Best Choice?

We can’t be the best Pawn Shop without being the Best Choice in people’s minds. This has been our goal for the past ten years. It continues to be our commitment to this day. We also offer great deals on the select items we have in our store. There is also our notary public services that customers can use at their disposal to get documents notarized. Finally, we offer great pawn programs along with auto title loans programs that customers can use at their choice.