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Chandler, Arizona’s first full service Pawn Shop not only the offers our customers the MOST Cash For Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Estate Jewelry, Rolex or other gold watches, but we also provide them with most cash payout and the lowest interest rates on our cash advances. Our pawn shop is guaranteed to pay out the most cash to either buy or provide a short-term cash advance for TV’s, Blue Ray and DVD’s, Laptops, Computers, iPhones, iPads and almost any other smartphone at our shop. We can give you a cash advance or outright buy any musical instrument, electric or acoustic guitars, amps, cameras, recorders, power tools and practically anything else you can bring of value. Our shop has a huge inventory of almost anything you can think of, so whether you’re looking to buy or sell, the best pawn shop Chandler has can help you!

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Auto, Motorcycle, and Boat Title Loans

It’s no surprise to many of you that Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold offers auto title loans given we’re a pawn shop, but we also offer other loan services to get you fast cash that many other title loan lenders simply won’t: motorcycle title loans and boat title loans.  Let’s talk about our auto title loans first.  As far as Chandler is concerned, we’ve offered the lowest interest rates and the lowest monthly payments in all of Gilbert and Queen Creek.  We’ve been in the business for well over a decade helping you fine citizens getting the cash you need and deserve.  We have auto title loan services to accommodate every situation including bad credit, no credit, self-employed, no job, no income, salvage title loans and much, much more.  We’re in the business of helping people through financial distress, and our auto title loan products are optimized for that purpose.

Our Motorcycle and Boat Title Loans are the service that differentiates us from all the rest.  Many title loan lenders are strict and only do auto title loans as that’s how they can make the most money, which is their goal.  That’s not our philosophy here and so we have made it possible for you to turn your motorcycle or boat into fast cash when you need it the most.  While there’s only a few months out of the year that we can actually use our boats, it’s just collecting dust during that time anyway.  So why not turn it into cash for three months with a boat title loan, and get it back when it’s time to use it?  Sometimes the same for motorcycles!  Many people stash them away during the summer as it’s just too hot, so get a motorcycle title loan and turn it into cash.

Refinance Title Loans

Many title loan lenders catch us in desperate situations, after all an auto title loan is often a last resort.  They use this to their advantage often hitting you with excessive interest rates and high monthly payments.  Some customers make payments for a year straight only to find out they haven’t made a dent in their actual principal amount.  Suddenly, instead of getting back on their feet, that title loan has put you upside down and now you have no last resort.  Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold offers a solution to those of us in Chandler, Queen Creek, and Gilbert with our ability to refinance title loans.  Refinancing your title loan is a surefire way to not only reduce your monthly payments, but reduce your interest saving you hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars over the course of your auto title loan.  The best part about this: we take all the hassle out of the process.

When you come and visit us to refinance your title loan, we’ll ask for all your previous documents and propose to you your new, reduced terms.  By the way, in some situations, we can even get you more cash out of the title loan, but not always.  Once you accept our offer, we’ll collect some signatures and have you wait around for a bit while we head over to your previous title loan lender and repay the loan.  We’ll get your title, bring it back to our Chandler location, and the process is all done.  From that point forward, you’ll always make your payments to us and you’ll never have to deal with your old location ever again!  Refinance title loan today and save thousands of dollars over the next year.  We’re happy to help you evaluate your options as well free of charge, just give us a call or use our live chat down below.


Cash for Silver, Gold, and Diamond Jewelry

With many different ways to get our customers thousands of dollars, jewelry is the absolute best.  We specialize in offering services for every silver jewelry, gold jewelry, and diamond jewelry no matter if it’s a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, or earrings.  We offer jewelry loans, and also our jewelry buying services to everyone in Chandler, Queen Creek, and Gilbert.  Let’s explore some of these!

Jewelry Loans

A jewelry loan is a type of collateral loan in which the loan is secured by your jewelry.  This means that in case of repayment, it becomes paid by repossessing the jewelry.  Fortunately, in most situations, we simply don’t do that.  We give our customers every chance possible including pawn loan extensions and payment programs so this is not an avenue always explored.

It all starts when you bring your jewelry down to Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold.  One of our lovely associates will grab your piece of jewelry and look for a stamp.  This is typically located on the clasp or back of the piece, an indicates its purity.  Obviously higher purity means a higher percentage of gold or silver and more money.  Afterwards, we weigh the piece of jewelry, and give you a price that, when you accept (which you will because nobody pays as high as we do) we collect a few signatures, store your jewelry in our safe, secure, and insured safe and send you on your way with money.  You have 90 days to either renew your loan by paying off the interest, or completely paying the loan off.  For more details, feel free to visit our Gold Loans or Silver Loans pages.

Jewelry Buyers

Gold, silver, and diamond jewelry is as good as cash at our pawn shop.  We offer the top prices than any of our competitors, and with over a decades worth of experience, you can rest assured that our employees are experts at evaluating the true cash cost of your fine jewelry.  Let’s talk about how the processes work!  A quick note for all jewelry — prices are always done by the gram.  This is variable depending on whether it’s gold or silver, and also what the purity of the jewelry is.  If it’s a piece of diamond jewelry, we evaluate the precious metals (gold, silver) inside separately from the cost of the diamond then combine them to make an estimate of its actual value.  Other than that, the process is exactly the same as our Jewelry Loan process.

Diamond and Gold/Silver Jewelry

So of course if you want to sell a diamond piece of jewelry, it’s most likely going to have silver or gold in it as well.  How does Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold handle that process?  Pretty easily actually!  We essentially evaluate the diamonds and precious metals separate from one another.  The process for the silver or gold is done the same as we described up above, and then the diamond we look at separately.  We use the widley known four Cs of diamond quality which are carat, color, clarity, and cut.  These all have a large impact on the cost, so let’s break them down one by one.  Carat is obviously the largest influence as it’s the overall size of the diamond.  Not much to say about that one!  Color is, well, the color of the diamond.  Many people don’t know this, but there are diamonds of all colors like brown, yellow, and blue, which means that some diamonds can have a certain kind of tint.  The clearer the diamond the higher the quality and the higher we can pay for it.  Clarity has slightly to do with color, but it’s more of the overall quality of the diamond itself as well.  Sometimes you can have blemishes on the top, or “calves” on the inside that give the diamond defects affecting the price.  Lastly, cut also plays a large part of our price.  Certain cuts are far more desirable to consumers than others.  For instance, an emerald cut diamond is worth far less on the market than a brilliant round cut.  For more information, visit our Diamond Loans page and we’d be happy to help.

You should sell jewelry only to our Chandler pawn shop as we pay the most for silver jewelry, gold jewelry, and diamond jewelry.  We also pay the top price for engagement rings, so sell them today!


Pawn Shop Regulations

Arizona State Pawn Shop Regulations

There are many pawn shop regulations in place, mostly to protect the customer but a few to protect the pawn shops themselves. These regulations come from both a state level and a federal level. A few of the state regulations include:

  • According to Arizona law, interest on cash advances from pawn shops cannot surpass 13% for the first two months, and then 11% each month after
  • Any persons seeking to be a pawn shop owner MUST submit any criminal offences and a set of fingerprints to the Sheriff’s Dept. before receiving a license
  • Customers cannot be charged more than $5 to initiate a cash advance from a pawn shop. Customers also cannot be charged more than $5 per month to have an item stored by a pawn shop

If you’re still curious, or want to see the state laws about pawn shops for yourself, check out Chapter 11, Article 3 on the Arizona Legislature website.

Federal Pawn Shop Regulations

A few of the federal regulations that govern pawn shops include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The Truth in Lending Act, which is perhaps the most significant, requires that a pawn shop inform it’s customers of ALL terms of a pawn loan, and the result of defaulting
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act limits the sharing of personal information from pawn shops with any unaffiliated third parties, including requiring law enforcement to have an authorized warrant or subpoena
  • The Equal Credit Opportunity Act strictly prohibits pawn shops from discriminating against age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, religion, or nationality in terms or credit transactions
  • Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 created certain privacy rights and requires pawn shops to disclose privacy notices to customers upon request

More information about these regulations plus information about more pawn shop regulations can be found at the National Pawnbrokers website.

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