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Chandler, Arizona’s first full service Pawn Shop not only the offers our customers the MOST Cash For Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Estate Jewelry, Rolex or other gold watches, but we also provide them with most cash payout and the lowest interest rates on our cash advances. Our pawn shop is guaranteed to pay out the most cash to either buy or provide a short-term cash advance for TV’s, Blue Ray and DVD’s, Laptops, Computers, iPhones, iPads and almost any other smartphone at our shop. We can give you a cash advance or outright buy any musical instrument, electric or acoustic guitars, amps, cameras, recorders, power tools and practically anything else you can bring of value. Our shop has a huge inventory of almost anything you can think of, so whether you’re looking to buy or sell, the best pawn shop Chandler has can help you!

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Not willing to sit back and simply be the best Diamond Buyer, Gold Buyer, Silver Buyer, and Jewelry Buyer, we are also the Best Full Service Pawn Shop Chandler has who specializes and provides TITLE LOANS on just about any type of vehicle you might have. We work with Trucks, Cars, Vans, Motorcycles, SUV’s, RV’s including 5th Wheel and Camp Trailers, ATV’s, Jet Skis, Boats, Dune Buggies, Sand Rails, Custom, Classic and Vintage Cars, Hot Rods and even Aircraft. If you are in need of CASH, a title cash advance is exactly what you need! At out pawn shop, you can borrow as much or as little cash up to the value of the vehicle. We can provide our cash advances WITHOUT a credit check since they are based upon how much your vehicle is worth, not your credit. Whether you have bad credit, good credit, or even no credit; we are capable of providing you with however much cash you may need now with a title cash advance on your vehicle. Already have a Title Loan through someone else? No problem. Bring your vehicle in to our shop and let us take a look at refinancing your current Title Loan at a lower interest rate. Who knows, you might even qualify for more cash if needed and in most cases you keep driving your car. Bring your vehicle in with a clear title or the paperwork from another lender, state issued ID and see what our courteous, professional and expertly trained staff can do for you today!

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Auto, Motorcycle & Boat Title Advances

Our Chandler pawn shop has been open for over 10 years and has over 30 years in the industry, so our professionally trained staff work hard to provide you with the absolute best service so you can be confident in knowing that you made the correct choice by stopping by our  shop.  We proudly serve our customers in Chandler as well as those who come to us from Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Queen Creek. If you find yourself in a need for cash right now,  you can Pawn, Sell, Buy, or get a cash advance on your Truck, Car, Motorcycle, SUV, Jet Ski, Boat, ATV or any other type of vehicle you might own. Yes, our shop can even work with a helicopter! Make sure that our  shop is your #1 stop to get the fast cash when you need it, today

History of Pawn Shops

Lending money on collateral items is easily one of the oldest professions in the world. Pawn shops have been recorded as early as the 5th century, owned and operated by Buddhist monasteries in China. But pawn shops weren’t limited to only China. Both Rome and Greece were huge proponents of pawnbrokers and pawn shops, and even instituted some of the laws and regulations we still use to this day. It wasn’t until Medieval times that pawn shops really took off. Primarily, pawn shops began as a means for those in need to borrow money from these pawnbrokers, with items being offered as collateral toward the borrowed cash. However, many kings and queens used pawn shops in order to fund certain activities. Edward III pawned many of his jewels in 1338 in order to raise money for a war with France. In 1415, King Henry V did exactly the same thing. Perhaps the most interesting use of a pawn shop by royalty was when Queen Isabella decided to pawn much of her prized jewelry in order to fund Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the new world!

Pawn Shop Regulations

Arizona State Pawn Shop Regulations

There are many pawn shop regulations in place, mostly to protect the customer but a few to protect the pawn shops themselves. These regulations come from both a state level and a federal level. A few of the state regulations include:

  • According to Arizona law, interest on cash advances from pawn shops cannot surpass 13% for the first two months, and then 11% each month after
  • Any persons seeking to be a pawn shop owner MUST submit any criminal offences and a set of fingerprints to the Sheriff’s Dept. before receiving a license
  • Customers cannot be charged more than $5 to initiate a cash advance from a pawn shop. Customers also cannot be charged more than $5 per month to have an item stored by a pawn shop

If you’re still curious, or want to see the state laws about pawn shops for yourself, check out Chapter 11, Article 3 on the Arizona Legislature website.

Federal Pawn Shop Regulations

A few of the federal regulations that govern pawn shops include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The Truth in Lending Act, which is perhaps the most significant, requires that a pawn shop inform it’s customers of ALL terms of a pawn loan, and the result of defaulting
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act limits the sharing of personal information from pawn shops with any unaffiliated third parties, including requiring law enforcement to have an authorized warrant or subpoena
  • The Equal Credit Opportunity Act strictly prohibits pawn shops from discriminating against age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, religion, or nationality in terms or credit transactions
  • Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 created certain privacy rights and requires pawn shops to disclose privacy notices to customers upon request

More information about these regulations plus information about more pawn shop regulations can be found at the National Pawnbrokers website.

Our Pawn Shop Regulations

While the laws discussed above govern the guidelines and restrictions on a pawn loan, each pawn shop will operate at different points between these intervals.  Here’s the terms of pawn loans offered through Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold:

  • The terms of the pawn loan are written out in a 90 day period started when we take possession of your item, and we give you the principal cash loan after your authorization via your signature.
  • In order for you to take possession of your item again, the principal loan amount plus the accrued interest must be paid in full.
  • During the first 60 days of the loan, a flat 22% interest is charged, and over the last 30 days, the interest rate is 10% but prorated on a daily basis if paid off before the end of the 90 days.
    • For example, let’s say you get a pawn loan on a nice, shiny iPhone 6, and we loan you $250.
    • Total Amount Owed (First 60 Days): $250 (Principal Value) + (.22 * $250) (Interest) = $305
    • Total Amount Owed (Last 30 Days): $305 (Previous Principal + Interest Amount) +  $250 * ( (.10 / 30) * # of Days Over 60 ) = Total Owed
      • If paid on day 75, for instance, to get your item back you would pay: $305 + $250 * ( (.10 / 30) * 15 ) = $305 + $12.50 = $317.50
      • If paid on day 90: $305 + $250 ( (.10 / 30) * 30 ) = $305 + $25 = $330
    • Total Interest Charged: $25 + $55 = $80
    • The amounts above do not include the $5 ticket and police fee charged by the City of Chandler on all pawn loans.
  • If at the end of the 90 days you aren’t able to pay the full balance, you can renew the loan by simply paying off only the interest amount ($80 in the example above) and simply sign a new pawn loan agreement renewing the 90 day period altogether.


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