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Sell Your Apple Watch

Watches have always held value both to their owners and to people hoping to have them.  Only recently have we seen the uprising of smartwatches; most recently, the Apple Watch.  As if it wasn’t enough for us to have computers right in our pockets, we had to go and put them right on our wrists!  But nobody can deny the convenience – if you’re in a meeting, driving, or indisposed but have a phone call or text, it simply isn’t easier than looking down at your Apple Watch, seeing the notification, and even being able to respond with a tap of your finger.

The Apple Watch is here to stay, and with multiple generations hanging around the used watch market, they’ve never been more valuable.  As is Apple’s reputation, they’ve already released multiple generations in a short period of time.  If you’re in Chandler, Queen Creek, or Gilbert and need cash, then sell your Apple Watch for cash to our Chandler pawn shop today!

Cash for Apple Watches Seven Days A Week

Our mission as a business has always been to get our customers fast cash in times of financial distress; no matter the item, and no matter the situation.  If you’ve got an Apple Watch, hundreds of dollars can be yours in as little as five minutes.  In our decade long time of serving the residents of Chandler, we’ve made our Apple Watch buying process as simple as possible, and in some cases can even help individuals trade up generations of Apple Watch.

If you’d like to sell your Apple Watch, then all you need to do is come on down to Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold.  No appointments, no-nonsense, and no waiting time seven days a week.  First and foremost, our associate begins the watch buying process with an evaluation of its cosmetic state.  This means checking the screen and the band for scratches, and natural wear and tear.  Some people are just better at not bumping into things than others!  Secondly, a quick test of its operations is also in order.  We must ensure that it is capable of showing simple notifications and handling calls/text messages as they should.

What is the Process?

The vital step that makes us Chandler’s leading pawn shop is our commitment to paying as fair a price possible.  Each of our associates, no matter if they’ve done the research earlier in the day, will evaluate what that exact generation and model. This is based on currently being bought and sold for in the used electronics market.  Prices on items like smartwatches tend to vary greatly; so to get our customers the fairest price, it’s vital we ensure our comparisons are up to date.  With just a few signatures after this short and sweet process, we’ll put cash in your pocket and send you on your way.

Cash Loans Are Also an Option

Selling Apple Watch is sometimes not the most ideal option; especially for finding financial stability to our customers in Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek. We understand that better than most.  Therefore, we’re more than happy to put the same amount of cold, hard cash into your hands; but rather than selling outright, instead we offer you the option of repaying the loan and some interest. This is usually within a period of ninety days.  Having this option is one of the many ways we keep our customer’s best interests at heart on a daily basis.