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Sell Gold Chains - Oro Express Chandler Pawn & GoldWhen it comes to the value of gold jewelry, it depends on two factors.  The first factor is the purity of the gold it is made of.  The second, and most important factor, is its weight.  And, a form of jewelry that you can actually feel heavy in your hand, are gold chains.  The more intricate the design, the higher content of pure gold they will likely use.  Because gold is a precious metal that is malleable, making it possible to be so adorned.  Therefore, gold chains can be expensive to buy.  However, they can also put a substantial amount of cash in your hand if you sell them.  So, if you are strapped for cash, and looking to sell gold chains, bring them to Oro Express Chandler.  Time and again, we have proven that we present the best offers possible, and turn it into cash in your hands!

Measuring the Karats When You Sell Gold Chains

Free Assessments to Sell Gold Chains at Oro Express ChandlerA gold’s “karat” equates to how much pure gold is mixed with alloys.  When you compare a gold chain made of 22k gold, side by side to a 14k gold chain, you will notice there is a notable difference in the gold’s color and vibrancy.

  • 24 karat is 99.9% pure gold
  • 22 karat is 91.7% pure gold
  • 18 karat is 75% pure gold
  • 14 karat is 58% pure gold
  • 10 karat is 42% pure gold

The gold that is used to make a piece of jewelry, is usually stamped in an inconspicuous place, on the piece itself.  On gold chains, it is most likely found on the clasp of the bracelet or necklace.  The purity of the gold that is used to create it is important to determine its value accurately.

At Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold, our experienced pawnbrokers are well equipped to verify the karat of the gold.  With our testing kit and touchstone, we will assess its karat, accurately and swiftly, while keeping your chain out of harm’s way.  After that, we place your gold chain on our scale, prior to confirming gold’s spot price.

Sell Gold Chains & Put Cash in Your Hands

Gold is a raw material that is bought and sold, usually as an investment.  With that being said, like all investments, its value does fluctuate, yet not as severely as the the rest of the market. Sell gold chains, utilizing the spot price to present our cash offers. Because gold’s value does fluctuate, our offers rely on what is referred to as the spot price of gold.  Therefore, we verify the current spot price of gold, prior to presenting our offer to you.

Anyone that deals with precious metals, also relies on the market’s spot price, but what varies is the percentage of the spot price that is paid out.  And, this is the reason Oro Express Chandler’s offers to buy your gold chains, continue to offer more than our competitor’s.  Because, unfortunately, most pawn shops average only 50% – 60% of the spot price.

However, it is our goal to be the pawn shop Chandler residents rely on to put the most cash possible in your hands!  Therefore, our offers to sell gold chains to our store averages 70% – 80% of the spot price.   This is one of the many reasons that Oro Express is the premier pawn shop in Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert!