Loan being approved despite bad credit

How To Get a Loan With Bad Credit

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When you require financing, bad credit can exist as a detrimental roadblock standing in your way. However, leveraging personal property like jewelry can sometimes be enough to get the money you need fast. Once you learn how to get a loan through pawn shops, it becomes much easier to get cash in a pinch.

Consider Your Luxury Assets

Take inventory of items that you may be able to use as collateral in a loan. Jewelry can be a lucrative way to go because its value potential is high. When deciding if your jewelry is worth investing in a pawn loan, consider the age and condition of the pieces.

Diamonds may be evaluated on a few additional criteria:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut

A stamp imprinted on the jewelry identifies the purity of the metal―this is typically a deciding factor on whether the piece is valuable enough to be used as collateral. If you are unsure how much your pieces might be worth, take them to a trusted pawn shop for evaluation where the experts can provide a fair amount upon further inspection.

Reach out to a Reliable Pawn Shop

At Oro Express Chandler, our process is exceptionally simple with a team of friendly staff who are eager to help. After thorough analysis and testing, we put all of the information together to end up with a fair and reasonable price. If you accept our offer, you will fill out some brief paperwork and your jewelry is then stored in protective bags within our safe. This pain-free process ends with you receiving the cash you need.

While the procedure seems fairly simple, the pawn shop you choose is the most important step. Choosing professionals to review your assets accurately and with a kind attitude is critical.

Secure a Collateral Loan

If you have ever been uncertain on how to get a loan with bad credit, you no longer have to worry. Securing money through a pawn shop exists as the easiest method being that there is no lengthy credit check process. If your history has left you with bad credit reports, it is often too difficult to get loans through other methods―and even when you can, the interest rates can be astronomical.

Therefore, when you pick the right pawn shop, it becomes much easier to secure your financing with low-interest rate and monthly payments. You also may have the possibility of extending your loan further if you need a bit more time to pay off the remaining balance.

Get Financing With Bad Credit Near Chandler

Instead of stressing about where the next dollar is coming from, apply for a pawn shop loan. You can get short-term funds to help when you need a little extra cash.

With Oro Express Chandler, your jewelry is secured in an insured safe for the duration of your loan. We make every possible accommodation to help you pay back your loan on time so that you may repossess your property. Contact us today at 480-844-2989!


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