Spring Cleaning AND Making Money at Oro Express Chandler

Spring Cleaning AND Making Money! Oro Express Chandler Can Help!

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While spring is closing into summer, spring cleaning is still a good thing to do. Dusting of old items you don’t need, clearing out room for new things to add to the home, etc. Before you decide to throw those old items away, have you considered having us buy them from you? Yes, that’s right! Do Spring Cleaning and Making Money all at once.

How Do I Do That?

The start of the process is simple enough. First and foremost, contact us about what we could take in. You can also use our chat feature to get an estimate of the potential value of your items. Keep in mind that this value is based on it being in a) near perfect condition, b) all accessories and/or manuals that come with the item itself. Have to make sure it’s complete if you want the maximum amount of money. Third, just show up with the item. We’ll make a determination (if you haven’t contacted us already) and get you the money right then and there.

What Kinds of Items Do You Accept?

Spring Cleaning AND Making Money at Oro Express Chandler

Fair enough. Here’s a small list of items we normally take in, but this list isn’t limited to just these items:

As a pawn shop, it’s easy to have us take in these items, but then again, we wouldn’t be in the business for over ten years if we JUST bought these items listed here. So simply contact us before you think you should give that item over to us.

There’s a lot that goes on with Spring Cleaning. Knowing what to keep and what to toss is an ever-present debate. Just know that while you’re doing the cleaning, clean up some cash courtesy or Oro Chandler. Thank us later.

Silver shines well in Oro Chandler

Buy & Sell Silver at Oro Express Chandler!

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Silver does not mean second. It means that this is the one precious metal that stands out from gold itself. It does not lessen gold’s importance,  yet it doesn’t diminish value either. Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold is open to all fans and specialists that let their silver revel in the spotlight. Just like our gold counterparts, we offer the same great features that Silver owners can appreciate with our business.

We offer Silver Loans

No matter the form it takes, if you have it, we’ll give you the most loan-to-value for your silver. Naturally, the more you own, along with the higher the purity will make the value go higher as well.

Buying Silver is also our Specialty

Not comfortable with the idea of loaning us your wares? We can also buy it from you as well. We are always looking for new additions to adorn in our store and take all the various types, including but not limited to:

  • Bullion: Like Gold Bullion/Bars, but of the focus is not on gold.
  • Coins: Old or new, this country or foreign currency, we happily accept them.
  • Jewelry: Any and all types of silver jewelry are welcome and may further ENHANCE the value with items like, say, diamonds.
  • Scrap/Nuggets: Even if it’s not in a form mentioned previously, we will still consider it for purchase of some kind. Just stop by our store and find out today!

Did We Mention That We Also Sell Silver in Chandler?

Finally, the real reason to get to us: INCREASING your collection. We have seen and sold this special metal for so long we sort of stand out as the standard setter in most of Chandler (that’s a nice tongue-twister)! For the past decade, we have been a source of purchasing from us as it is a unique alternative from other stores. Because of this fact, we stand apart in providing some of the most exotic pieces known in the area. We will continue this exclusive tradition to this day!

As you can see from our small sample of options, we make it very appealling to all silver owners. So if you want to make the most of your favorite metal, Oro Chandler is here for you! Stop by today and get the cash you deserve from the wares you own.

Get Gold in all its forms at Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold. Gold is welcomed as are our customers!

Gold is welcomed in Oro Chandler!

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There is so much appeal to having gold: The prestige of its shine and luster, the sense of wealth in owning it, the beauty in its various forms. Gold has been a staple in our society as a core means of barter, along with paper currency, it’s fellow precious metals silver and platinum, and credit. Here at Oro Express Chandler we make our services known to all gold owners and owners-to-be by providing you a place where you can get all things that glitter like the sun! Gold is welcomed here just as much as well gladly welcome customers to buy, sell, or pawn gold with us!

We are a Gold Buyer; Gold is welcomed here anytime!

Looking for a place to get the most value for your gold? Look no further than Oro Chandler! Our staff has over three decades of combined experience in gold appraisal to get you the most value for your gold. We take the precious metal in all her forms: nuggets, scrap, jewerly, bullion, whatever you may have at the moment, we’ll buy it from you and get you cash in hand for its worth. Don’t let your prized possession depreciate when you need it most.

Sell Gold to Oro Chandler in Minutes

We’ve been the top pawn shop Chandler trusts for well over a decade.  We’ve been buying and selling gold jewelry, gold bars, gold coins, and everything gold related for all of this time and have become absolute experts at the process.  In fact, we’ve streamlined our process to get customers cash in as little as five minutes.  No matter whether it’s a hundred, thousand, or ten thousand dollars that you need in the form of a gold loan or cash for gold, we can get you in and out in five minutes.  Our cash for gold rates are actually second to none and we mean that.  Many pawn shops or cash for gold locations simply pay a flat rate per gram of gold and keep those prices for a month, sometimes longer, whereas Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold checks the global (that’s right, the world trading price) of gold daily and updates accordingly.  You can always rest assured that you’re getting the most bang for your buck in Chandler, Gilbert, or Queen Creek when selling gold jewelry or buying.

We Offer Gold Loans

Not willing to part just yet with your treasure? We understand. Instead of selling to us, we offer gold loans as a temporary measure. All you do is request a gold loan and show us the gold you have in hand. We’ll offer a loan amount based on it’s fineness along with other factors. While the loan is in effect, we would hold onto your gold items. It’s a straightforward process, but we’re willing to answer any question you may have over the process itself.

As you can see, these are the more common services we offer at Oro Express Chandler. Having the experience of 10+ years of success gold purchasing/selling makes us well versed in all glittering golden matters. Finally, we will continue to be a source that appreciates this precious metal for generations to come. Just like our customers, Gold is welcomed; every time, anytime.

Buy a used cell Phone with us at Oro Chandler! Don't feel old in doing so!

Buy a used cell phone! Save hard earned cash!

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In a world where we need the latest and greatest, sometimes the next best thing will outperform the current hot item. This is paramount to cell phones, where people clamor over the newest models and toss perfectly good phones aside. Well, we at Oro Chandler have a proposition: Buy a used cell phone from us here at Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold!

Used Cell Phones still serve the same basic Functions

No matter what form the newer models take, or what bells and whistles it comes attached with, ALL phones must be able to provide basic phone calls, both for emergencies and for rudimentary purposes. Also, most modern phones must be capable of handling text messages. Finally, for the more tech savvy, most phones nowadays have enough memory to store several applications (apps) such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like. The newer devices would HAVE to have these apps, so this also diminishes their appeal. So the only remaining appeal left would be to get the latest updates off the bat on the newer phones, which older models get the update when the newer models come out to keep everyone up to speed.

Used Cell Phones prove they work

When we buy used cell phones at our store, we test them out to make sure they are functional. No point in selling you a device that does not work UNLESS you needed that device for spare parts. Also, we verify if the phone is with a specific carrier; we don’t want you to buy a used cell phone from us and find out you can’t even USE it.

When you buy a Used Cell Phone, you save money in the short and long term

This is the primary focus of why it’s so important to buy a used cell phone. You’ve seen this pattern before. Certain high-end phones can cost up to 800 US Dollars when they first come out. However, they quickly decline due to the phone’s lack of sales. There are other factors that determine the overall value:

  • Defects in the design
  • Features removed that were in older models
  • Quantity based on area
  • And Many More…

It’s best to find what you need at a lower cost. On that note, we offer a variety of phones that are close to the latest models (some may even BE the latest). If you’re looking for a replacement Samsung Phone or Apple iPhone, we may have what you need here. Another thing that phone COMPANIES offer is that you can get a phone at a reduced price. The CATCH is you are now contractually obligated to pay a monthly fee. We simply sell you the device once. You don’t have to worry about monthly fees. Just come in, pick out a phone, pay for it, and it’s yours!

We strive to make getting the phones you need simple and easy for you when looking for a phone. So if you live at any part of the Valley, from all parts of Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, or even Casa Grande, Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold provides the best deals when you buy a used cell phone from us!

The History of Gold Buying

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gold buyer   Gold has been valued for many millenia partially due to its scarcity, but also solely because of its wondrous, lustrous qualities. Gold has always been a valuable item, and has been sought after for all of written history. It seems today people are understanding the value of gold buying due to the vast increase of people willing to buy gold.

At Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold, we’ll buy your gold for higher than the market value, and give you the highest price in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek, but would also like to share with you the true economic qualities gold buying and gold selling has.   What has seemed to make gold the most popular of the precious metals is its redeeming and lasting qualities. Gold is easy to smelt, easy to handle, essentially easy to deal with. Gold is also surprisingly resistant to acid deterioration, giving it a long life. This, along with its looks, have made gold the most popular precious metal in the world.

Gold was used as a medium for currency for hundreds of years. In fact, we just recently stopped using gold as a medium for currency in the early twentieth century, with the last gold certificate being issued in 1932 by the United States. The United States Federal Reserve is said to back all of the currency of the United States in precious metals such as gold and silver. This has been doubted as time moves forward, but it is what backs the currency of the United States and most first world nations.   Gold buying is a relatively new phenomena that seemed to have popped up after the recession in 2008. Gold prices seem to remain constant, even throughout recessions, and thus make a valuable investment for those who seek money.

Selling gold is a quick and easy way to get money for scrap jewelry with gold on it. This spawned a multi-billion dollar industry around the precious metal where people could get fast cash for gold, and larger entities could make money in melting it down and remaking newer jewelry out of it. This industry has blown up just in the last decade or so, and is in full swing today. There has been much distrust in the industry, however, due to some unfavorable businesses giving customers a far smaller value than what their gold is worth.

Buying gold is Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold’s specialty. We specialize in buying gold and selling gold, due to the fact that we know the intricacies of the trade. We will buy gold for cash using the fair market value, and giving you a much higher price than any other pawn shop or jewelry store will give you in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert or Queen Creek. We have never led a customer astray, and ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the price we give them. Buying gold is our business, and we want to leave our mark on history by not following in the footsteps of those seeking to rip off the customer. If you seek a fair valuation and cash for gold, then come visit us today.

Low on cash? Have a car? Get an auto title loan today from Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold!

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Why an auto title loan? It’s the best form of loan to get! When times are tough, and you need money quick, what are your options? You can’t go to a bank and get a loan on such short notice. And perhaps the banks don’t want to give you a loan in the first place. Come and get an auto title loan from Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold! The process is fast and painless, and will simply take a few minutes. We’ll offer you a fair, high valuation for your vehicle, and give you the cash amount you desire on the spot. You keep your car, you get the money, and you don’t have to worry about that bill that you were short cash for. Most importantly, you get to drive away in your vehicle on the spot!

How’s it work? You simply bring in your car, bring in your title, and we’ll offer you the full amount we can give you based on the amount of your vehicle. If it’s far more than you need, then no worries, you can simply ask for a lower amount. We’ll gladly give you whatever the amount of cash it is that you need. This is what makes an auto title loan so simple! Get the exact dollar amount you need, and just pay us back as soon as you can. The interest is minimal, and it’s quick and painless.

If it’s a vehicle, you can get money. We’ll easily offer you a cash loan on RVs, quads, trucks, muscle cars, classic cars, and even motorcycles. If it has a motor, we will give you an auto title loan on it! Credit is also not an issue either! To receive an auto title loan, no credit, or bad credit, it doesn’t matter, credit plays no role in your cash value for your vehicle! We won’t even bother checking your credit, you only use your vehicle as collateral. Come get your cash today with no hassle, and no stress.

Go through a reputable company. All of our auto title loans are offered through Phoenix Title Loans, a reputable company with years in the business. Through our partnership, you can rest assured that you’re auto title loan is being handled with the utmost discreetness, and that you’re getting the most money for your auto title loan. You don’t have to have money problems, the solution is right in front of you so grab it today.

Come visit us at Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold today, and get the most money for your vehicle throughout all of Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek.