How to sell a luxury watch to a trusted seller in Chandler, AZ

How to Sell Luxury Watches to a Trusted Dealer

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We all go through periods where we need fast access to a little extra money, and liquidating valuables in our possession such as luxury watches is an easy way to get the funds we need quickly and easily. Selling something can be a little nerve-wracking, though, especially if you haven’t done it before and aren’t familiar with the process. Here is everything you need to know about how to sell luxury watches to a trusted dealer.

Sell or Pawn

If you’re selling your watch in a manner that makes it irrecoverable, such as on eBay or through an auction house, it’s really important to make sure first that you genuinely want to sell it. If your watch has emotional significance, if it was a gift or heirloom, giving it up forever might not sit well with you, especially once the panic of needing money wears off.

The beauty of going directly to a pawn shop is that you can get fast cash for your watch, but retain the option to reclaim your luxury watch at a later date. At a pawn shop, you can pawn the watch instead of selling it, which uses the watch as collateral for a loan, opening a 90-day window wherein you can repay the loan and get your watch back. If you are ready to simply part with your watch, then you can certainly just sell it to a pawn shop and get your fast cash outright. Basically, if you are to sell your watch to our pawn shop, there is no option to retrieve the item later. You would have to explicitly pawn it to retain that option.

Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to know a little about whatever item you are selling. Look up the brand to identify your watch and learn a little more about it. Try to find out more about the metal content and any other special features. Also be sure to look at how much it typically sells for. This will help you to answer questions when you bring it to a watch buyer and also ensure you can recognize what a fair price actually is.

Consider Your Options

There are multiple ways to sell a watch, and not all of them are through a watch dealer. For instance, you might choose to sell your watch yourself online. You might make more money that way, but you’ll also have to wait longer for the funds, leave yourself vulnerable to online scams, and forego the option of getting the watch back once the need for money has passed.

Come In for a Quote

Once you’ve decided to sell to a watch buyer, it’s time to come in for a quote. When you bring your watch to Oro Express Chandler, our experienced staff will assess its value while you wait and make you a fair offer based on our expert knowledge of the industry. Visit us today to find out more about how easy it is to pawn jewelry, watches, or electronics.


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Watch brands that hold their value the best

Which Luxury Watch Brands Hold Their Value the Best?

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As any collector knows, certain brands and models will always be more sought after than others, which may impact your decision to buy or sell watches. Here is everything you need to know about how to value watches, plus a few watches that hold their value best.

How to Value Watches

First of all, it’s important to understand how watches are valued. As many collectors know, value is determined primarily by two main factors: availability and demand. A watch for which demand is high but availability is low will have the highest value, because people become willing to pay larger amounts to get it. High demand and high availability might increase prices a little, but low demand will tank values no matter what availability is like at the time.

With these factors in mind, here are a few watches that hold their value well.

Watches That Hold Their Value Best

There’s a lot of variability in the value of high-end watches. Some brands hold their value well overall, which other brands only have certain models that do. Here are a few brands and models to “watch” out for.

  • Rolex: This brand has been around since 1905, and is by far the best known high-end watch brand, even among non-collectors. A Rolex tends to hold its value well no matter what model it is.
  • Patek Philippe: Remember all that talk about availability? Patek Philippe almost never meets the demands even with new watches, so the exclusivity of these watches keeps values high across the board.
  • Cartier: This brand is well-known in the fashion world for both men and women, so chances are you’ve heard the name before. Believe it or not, their modern watches tend to maintain their value pretty well, although you’ll probably want to pass on older models if you’re looking for a good investment.
  • Breitling: This watch brand is the opposite. Among Breitling watches, the vintage models are the ones that are most sought-after and therefore hold their value best. Look for Transocean, Navitimer, or Chronomat models.
  • Tag Heuer: Not every Tag Heuer holds its value exceptionally well, but the Carrera and Monaco are both considered to be good investments by watch buyers.
  • Audemars Piguet: If you just happen to have a Royal Oak model sitting around, count yourself incredibly lucky! These can sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Visit Your Local Watch Buyer for a Quote

Do you have a watch you think might be valuable? Bring it into Oro Express Chandler today for a quote, and find out how easy it is to pawn jewelry, watches, or electronics and gain access to the cash you need, when you need it.


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Sell your estate used jewelry in Chandler, AZ

Your Guide to Selling Estate Jewelry

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Have you ever wondered if you should sell your estate jewelry? Maybe you have inherited something you don’t want or need. Maybe you’ve come up against hard times, and just need some extra money or collateral on a loan to get you through. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to pawn estate jewelry and get the cash you need.

Before you set foot in one of the many pawn shops in Arizona, however, it’s important to do your research and know what you’re dealing with. Arriving unprepared could cost you money, and you might not ever even know it. Here is everything you need to know about estate jewelry and how to sell it.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

“Estate jewelry” is basically just a polite way of saying used jewelry. Don’t confuse it with antique jewelry, which has to be 100 years old to be considered antique, or even vintage jewelry, which is usually older but not as old as antique jewelry. Estate jewelry could even be just a few years old, but once it is used, it can’t be sold as new.

Estate jewelry implies that it has been inherited with an estate, but it doesn’t have to mean that. Jewelry that you’ve had in your possession for a while could also be considered estate jewelry if you decide to sell it. It’s just from your own estate.

Of course, estate jewelry can also be either antique or vintage, which is another reason why you should always do your research before you shop it around to Arizona pawn shops. Antique jewelry may be worth a lot more than just the value of its components, but you may need the expertise of a jeweler or an antique dealer to discover this.

How Do You Know if Your Estate Jewelry Is Real?

Before shopping around your estate jewelry, it’s important to have a good idea of what you have. “Real” jewelry is what will generate the best prices, but how do you know if yours is real?

There are several ways to tell if your jewelry is real gold, real silver, or real gemstones.

  • Check the jewelry for markings. Typically precious metals will be stamped with the purity. Look for 14K, 18K, 24K, etc. on gold, and “sterling” or 925 on silver. Also look for any jeweler’s marks that identify the manufacturer, and perhaps indicate whether it is fine jewelry.
  • Look for the original box and paperwork. If you have the original box, certificate of authenticity, an old appraisal, or any other paperwork that goes with the jewelry, it will help to establish what the jewelry is.
  • Have a professional take a look. If you can’t find any clues or don’t trust your own judgment, it never hurts to ask a jeweler or jewelry appraiser to take a look. They can test the purity of the metal, inspect the gemstones to determine whether they are authentic, and even give you an estimate of the value.

Preparing Your Estate Jewelry to Sell

Once you’ve verified that your jewelry is worth selling, it’s important to make it look like it. Estate jewelry may not always look like much, especially if it has been packed away for a long time. It may be dirty, tarnished, or broken.

Cleaning and polishing your jewelry is easy, and can usually be done at home if the piece isn’t too heavily soiled or tarnished. Be careful though with the DIY cleaning remedies you find online, as some of them are too harsh and will scratch or damage the jewelry. The best rule of thumb is to use as gentle a cleaning method as possible that will still get the jewelry clean. A mild soap, plenty of water, and a soft microfiber cloth should do the trick.

How to Get the Most for Your Estate Jewelry

Just like anything else in life, you’ll get the most cash for estate jewelry when you’re well prepared. Do your research! Dig up any paperwork you might have, look for markings, try your best to estimate a value for the jewelry, and make it look presentable before bringing it in. If you bring in dirty, unidentified jewelry, the pawn shop owner or dealer is going to assume you don’t know what you have, and might not make you the offer you were hoping for. Cleaning the jewelry beforehand, identifying it to the dealer, and just generally sounding like you’ve done your research will ensure that you get a fair price for your jewelry.

Cash for Gold Chandler AZ

Another way to ensure you get a fair price is to deal with a reputable jewelry buyer you can trust. If you have estate jewelry for sale, bring it into Oro Express Chandler today. We will do an assessment on the spot and let you know what we can offer you for your jewelry.

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What Do You Need for a Title Loan in Arizona

What Do You Need for a Title Loan in Arizona?

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Most of us wish we never knew that panicky moment of needing more money than we have with no way of getting it, but it happens to all of us at some point. If there is no one you can turn to, and you don’t want to spend your day selling all your valuables to pawn shops in Chandler, what do you do?

Luckily there is someplace you can turn, and that’s to a title loan. A title loan is a fast, easy way of getting the money you need without being denied due to poor credit or no credit. Best of all, you get to keep your car while you borrow the money, as the title is only used to guarantee the loan.

If this sounds like a lifesaver to you, you’re probably wondering how to get a title loan. Rest assured, it’s easier than you would think!

What Do I Need for a Title Loan?

When you go in to get a title loan, you need very little. You’ll need your car, of course, so that its value can be assessed as collateral for the title loan. You’ll also need your title to demonstrate you own the car outright and there are no liens on it already. You will also need your drivers license or an ID, to show you’re really the owner of the car.

Can I Use Something Other Than My Car?

Perhaps for some reason, your car isn’t useful to you as collateral for a title loan. You might still be paying off your original loan, or perhaps it just isn’t worth enough to get you the loan amount you need. Luckily, cars aren’t the only vehicles you can use for a title loan. You can also use a motorcycle, a boat, or an RV title to get the loan you need.

What’s Next?

Getting a title loan is so simple that all you really need to do is stop by with your vehicle, its title, and your identification. To make the process easier, however, we’ve created an online loan application you can fill out before you come. The application process will also tell you if there is anything else you could bring to make the terms of your loan more favorable, such as a spare key or proof of income.

If you’re in an emergency situation and need cash fast, there’s no shame in that. Rather than going around to all the Chandler pawn shops, hawking jewelry to see if you can come up with enough money, get all of the money in one place with a title loan from us. Contact Oro Express Chandler today to find out more about how it all works.

6 Things in Your Chandler Home That You Can Pawn

6 Things in Your Chandler Home That You Can Pawn

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Are you looking for a little extra cash, or is space what you’re more in need of? Either way, you’d be surprised how many things are taking up space in your home that could fatten your wallet instead. Here are six household items to sell at a pawn shop!

Nana’s Earrings

Have you inherited jewelry that is out-of-style or just plain ugly? It’s no secret that you can pawn jewelry, but you might not realize how much cash you can actually get. Bring it into our pawn shop and find out! Gold has a high and fairly stable value, which means your jewelry might be more valuable than you realize.

Gift Cards

Is your wallet bursting with gift cards you’ll never use? You might prefer cold hard cash over a gift card to Shuffleboards R Us, but someone out there will pay money for that gift card. Sell us your gift cards and turn that thoughtful gift into something you can actually use.

Your Old Cell Phone

With the newest iPhone and smartphones always improving on the previous year’s model, many people upgrade their phones before they really need to. You probably have at least one and maybe even several fully functional phones buried in the back of your closet right now. Dig those out and cash them in — Chandler pawn shops will pay good money for working smartphones, and someone else will get a “new” phone.

Old Video Game Systems

Video game consoles are constantly being updated and improved, and since most new systems play the games from the older generations, there’s no reason to keep those older systems around, taking up space. Cash in your old gaming system, free up some space, and know that you probably made someone’s kids very happy.

Old Computers

Computers are also constantly being phased out and replaced. Your old computer could become someone’s new computer, or the parts recycled for use in the brand-new machines being produced all the time.

Your Old Musical Instruments

Lest you think that the only way to make money pawning your things is to sell your old electronics, here’s one you might not have thought of. There are lots of aspiring musicians out there who can’t afford the astronomical cost of a new instrument, so that guitar you never play anymore might be worth something. You might even contribute to the creation of the next Jimi Hendrix.

Clean House and Make Money in Chandler, AZ

Who said cleaning house was a thankless job? When you can take your household valuables to the best pawn shop in Chandler for a quick return, you’ll have all the thanks you need. Visit Oro Express Chandler today and find out how much money you can make just by cleaning house.

How to Tell if Your Diamond is Valuable_Oro Express Pawn and Gold

How to Tell if Your Diamond Jewelry is Valuable

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Perhaps that piece of jewelry isn’t as special to you anymore, or perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times and need to pawn jewelry in order to get the money you need. Regardless of your reasons, if you’re looking to sell your diamond jewelry, you’ll want to make sure first that you have a good idea of whether it’s valuable. Here are a few tips for determining whether you can get some money by pawning your jewelry.

Inspect the markings

High-quality jewelry will always have markings indicating the quality of the gold used, and possibly a mark that indicates the maker, too. These markings are called hallmarks. On gold jewelry, look for markings such as 18K, 14K, 10K, 750, 585, or 375. All of these markings indicate the purity of the gold. On silver toned jewelry, 925, 800, Silver, or Sterling indicate that the jewelry is silver, while 950, PLATINUM, or PLAT mean that it is platinum.

Look for prongs

Inspect the stones to see how they are held in. Prongs typically indicate that the jewelry is high-quality, since inexpensive jewelry tends to have glued-in stones. If your jewelry is new and has prongs holding the stones in, chances are it’s worth something. Occasionally older costume jewelry is valuable too, so it may be worth checking even if you realize your jewelry isn’t made of diamonds after all.

Check the weight

Another indicator of whether you have a valuable piece of fine jewelry on your hands is the weight. Gold or silver jewelry will feel much heavier than costume jewelry made of cheaper metals, for example, and the workmanship will have a higher quality feel to it, too.

Estimate stone quality

Diamond appraisal is a tricky business, and the value of each individual stone is determined by four different factors: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Most likely you won’t be able to estimate your own jewelry’s value, but in general, you should be able to look at the stones and get a feel for whether it’s worth checking on their value. Are the stones clear and bright? If so, it never hurts to ask an expert to take a look.

No one expects you to become a jewelry appraiser overnight, so if you have questions about the value of your diamond jewelry, an expert is the one to ask. To find out whether your jewelry is worth something, bring it into Oro Express Chandler. We are a trusted diamond buyer to Phoenix customers all over the Valley and will give you a fair price for your diamonds and jewelry.

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Arizona Drivers: How to Use Your Car as Collateral for a Loan

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How to Use Your Collateral for a Loan in AZ_Oro Express Chandler

Life happens and sometimes we need a little extra money to get us through an emergency or a rough patch. If you don’t think you’re a good candidate for a loan, you may be wondering how you’ll get the money you need. Fortunately, you can easily get a loan by using your vehicle as collateral. But how does trading in your car work? Here is everything you need to know about an auto title loan in Chandler.

What Is a Title Loan?

A title loan is simply a loan that uses your car as collateral, in case you can’t pay off the loan. Generally when trading in your car for a loan, it’ll be a short term loan, nothing like the five years or so that you would have signed for when you bought the car. We also don’t check credit scores or even income.

I Need My Car. What Do I Do?

The best part about trading in your car for a loan is that all you’re really trading in is your title. You get to keep driving the car while you’re paying off the loan, so you won’t need to worry about how you’ll get back and forth to work or school.

When Is a Title Loan Useful?

Are you wondering when is a good time to trade in your car? This kind of loan is great for when you’ve had an unexpected expense that’s not too big, but just big enough that you can’t afford it on your own. Because it’ll be a short term loan, you can pay it off and get on with your life. And you don’t need to take the full value of the car, either. Just borrow what you need.

What Do I Need to Bring?

If you’re wondering how to trade in your car, don’t worry. It’s not difficult! All you need to bring with you when you go to trade in your car is your car’s title, your driver’s license, and, of course, your car. The loan officer will do a quick assessment of your car to determine how much you can borrow.

What Happens If I Can’t Pay It Back in Time?

Typically when you trade in your car’s title, it’s for a short term loan – in our case, 90 days. However, we understand that sometimes you can’t pay back the entire loan during that time, and are willing to work with you if needed.

Worry-Free and Hassle-Free

Trading in your car is so easy that you’ll never have to worry about those little surprise expenses again. Contact Oro Express Chandler to find out more about title loans and get the help you need, stress-free, today!

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Precious Metals in Your Electronics_Oro Express

What Precious Metals are Used in Electronics?

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Do you recycle? While it’s becoming more and more common for people to recognize the value of resources in our everyday trash, such as plastics and paper products, you may not realize that we have even more valuable resources contained in things we throw out every day or store because we don’t know quite what to do with them.

Deep down, your old electronics harbor a higher value than most people realize. Electronics are full of hidden surprises such as precious metals. Here is a quick list of the most common precious metals found in electronics.


Believe it or not, your home electronics are chock full of gold. Gold is a great conductor, so it often gets used in wiring and connectors, on motherboards, in flash memory devices, and even in touchscreens.


The best may be called the “gold standard,” but in actuality, silver is the best conductor. It’s also less expensive, which makes it a favorite among electronics manufacturers. In addition to silver wiring and connectors, silver is used in your touch screens and your plasma TVs, in your laptop and watch batteries, and even in your CDs and DVDs.


Platinum is another well-known precious metal that is used in home electronics. Platinum can withstand corrosion and high voltage, making it an ideal choice for demanding conditions. It’s also used in wiring as well as in hard drives and optical storage devices.


You may or may not have heard of palladium before since it’s not used in jewelry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not in your home. In fact, palladium is used in computer chips, circuits, circuit board frames, and fuses. It is sometimes preferred over gold because less of it is needed, and can be mixed with silver to offer improved qualities over both. The world of electronics as we know it would simply not exist without palladium.

Other Metals

There are other metals that can be found in electronics as well: nickel in rechargeable batteries, copper in wiring, cadmium in lithium-ion batteries, and of course mercury, which is in practically everything.

How to Get Precious Metals from Electronics

With so much wealth and resources tied up in our old electronics, you can perhaps see why we should no longer be letting them collect dust in our basements and garages, or heaven forbid, throwing them out! Instead, sell electronics to a recycler and let them worry about how to remove precious metals from electronics. By taking your old electronics to a pawn shop like Oro Express Chandler, which can recycle the precious metals inside them, you could actually be doing the entire world (and not just your wallet) a favor.

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Cash for Gold Guide_Oro Express Chandler

Cash for Gold Pricing Guide

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Is money tight right now? You may have unexpected wealth just sitting around in your home, in the form of gold you don’t need or don’t want. Whether it’s unwanted jewelry, coins, or some other form, you could take your unwanted gold to a pawn shop or gold buyer, trading it in for cash. Here are a few factors that determine how much cash for gold you can get:


The first thing to figure out is how pure the gold is. Carat measurements tell you what percentage of gold an item is, for instance:

  • 14k is 58.5 percent gold
  • 18k is 75 percent gold
  • 22k is 91.6 percent gold
  • 24k is more than 99 percent gold


The weight of gold is part of the equation as well. Use a scale that measures in either ounces or grams, although one that measures in grams is likely more accurate.

Next, you will need to factor in the purity of the gold to determine how much of the piece’s total weight is actually gold. For instance, a 90 gram necklace that is 14k gold is only equivalent to 52.65 grams of gold (90 multiplied by 58.5 percent, or .585). However, a 60 gram necklace that is 22k gold is actually worth more, despite its lesser overall weight, as its gold content is equivalent to 54.96 grams (60 multiplied by 91.6 percent, or .916).


Finally, you will need to know the current price of gold to complete your assessment of your gold’s value. The price of gold is set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and changes all the time.

For instance, back in 2011 gold hit an all-time high of $1,896.50 per ounce, or $60.98 per gram. That 60 gram necklace mentioned above, which equaled 54.96 grams of gold based on its purity of 22k, would have been valued at $3,361.46. In early February 2018, however, gold was hovering around $1,300 per ounce ($41.80 per gram), making that same necklace worth approximately $2,297.33.

Other Factors

The formula for determining value is simple, but estimating how much you’ll get is more complex. For instance, since gold prices change frequently, it’s important to keep in mind that the value of the gold you’re trying to sell today could rise or fall by the time you take it to a pawn shop.

So what is your gold worth? Whatever its value, it’s definitely worth finding out what you can get in cold, hard cash! Bring your gold into Oro Express Chandler today to find out.

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Spring Cleaning AND Making Money at Oro Express Chandler

Spring Cleaning AND Making Money! Oro Express Chandler Can Help!

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While spring is closing into summer, spring cleaning is still a good thing to do. Dusting of old items you don’t need, clearing out room for new things to add to the home, etc. Before you decide to throw those old items away, have you considered having us buy them from you? Yes, that’s right! Do Spring Cleaning and Making Money all at once.

How Do I Do That?

The start of the process is simple enough. First and foremost, contact us about what we could take in. You can also use our chat feature to get an estimate of the potential value of your items. Keep in mind that this value is based on it being in a) near perfect condition, b) all accessories and/or manuals that come with the item itself. Have to make sure it’s complete if you want the maximum amount of money. Third, just show up with the item. We’ll make a determination (if you haven’t contacted us already) and get you the money right then and there.

What Kinds of Items Do You Accept?

Spring Cleaning AND Making Money at Oro Express Chandler

Fair enough. Here’s a small list of items we normally take in, but this list isn’t limited to just these items:

As a pawn shop, it’s easy to have us take in these items, but then again, we wouldn’t be in the business for over ten years if we JUST bought these items listed here. So simply contact us before you think you should give that item over to us.

There’s a lot that goes on with Spring Cleaning. Knowing what to keep and what to toss is an ever-present debate. Just know that while you’re doing the cleaning, clean up some cash courtesy or Oro Chandler. Thank us later.