Get Fast Cash for Your Power Tools in Chandler

Having power tools can be a good feeling! You can create, repair, break down, and fine tune with these tools. Now there’s a new feeling with your power tools. You can have US buy them from you! Oro Express Chandler pays the MOST cash for power tools on all makes and models of power tools for sanding, drilling, shaping, cutting, polishing, grinding, heating and painting tools. It’s one of the many reasons we are the store that will buy power tools Chandler residents own and can rely. All it takes is a sweet looking power tool, and a valid ID, and you can be on your way in minutes with CASH.  All it takes is a power tool, and you will get the most money possible throughout Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, and even Gilbert.

We Want Your Working Power Tools

Our pawn shop utilizes an intense appraisal system to guarantee the most competitive cash value for your precious tools. We can give cash to you within minutes of walking in the door. Just gather your tools, clean them up well, and . We give cash for power tools on any and all brands of power tools.  If you have a power tool, we want to buy it. Get the maximum cash you can for your power tool today, and leave with a smile on your face.

Selling your power tools is incredibly simple at Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold.  Simply bring your power tools down on to us, and we’ll take a look at them.  All it really takes for us to get you fast cash is for you to bring any cords and accessories that came with it, and verify that it’s in working condition.  Other than that, as the best Chandler pawn shop, we don’t put too many restrictions on the power tools that we’ll buy.  We’ll also test them inside of our location to verify they’re working, then we’ll just put cold, hard cash in your hand.  The process can take as little as five minutes to get you in and out with cold, hard cash in hand.  No matter whether it’s a drill, a saw, whatever the case, we’ll buy power tools from you at the best rates in Chandler, Queen Creek, and Gilbert.

Power Tools We Will Pay Cash For


This, in turn, begs the question; what kinds of power tools would a store that buys power tools Chandler citizens own, take in for cash? To simplify the matter, we have provided a small listing of tools accepted in our store. They are the following:

Air compressorNail GunAlligator shearNeedle scaler
BandsawPneumatic torque wrenchBelt sanderPowder-actuated tools
Biscut joinerPower wrenchCeramic Tile cutter/tile sawRadial arm saw
Chain sawRandom orbital sanderCircular sawReciprocating saw
Concrete sawRotary reciprocating sawCold sawRotary tool
CrusherSabre sawDiamond bladeSander
Diamond toolsScroll sawDisc sanderSteel cut off saw
DrillTable sawFloor sanderThickness planer
GrinderTrimmerHeat gunWall chaser
Impact wrenchWood routerJointer Miter Saw

If you own any of these items and need cash fast, come and visit us at Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold, and get cash for your power tools today! This list is not final and, as always, is subject to change. Keep in mind we have limited space in our current location so we can’t YET take in full workstations…yet.

Any Guidelines or Restrictions We Should Know About?

Just to offer fair warning, yes, there are guidelines as well. First, we ask that you have the tools as complete as possible. This means all accessories that come with the tools must be present when turning said tools in. Anything less can still be handled, but will be done so on a case by case basis. When in doubt, check your tools manual for the contents that come with the tool.

Second, We ask that you do clean up the tools prior to sending them over. You wouldn’t expect to see tools looking terrible when you arrive at the hardware store; it’s the same principle with us. Leaving them in the ‘prime’ work state (meaning dirty or grimy after extensive use), may prevent us for buying them. Oro Chandler doesn’t want to shy you away from getting the money you deserve, but we also want to see your tools at their best.

It’s Possible to Also Do Pawn Loans on Power Tools!

We make no reservation or hesitation in saying we are THE store to buy power tools Chandler locals possess. That being said, we also understand if you are still fond of your instruments. If you can’t possibly part forever with your power tools, we can always give a pawn loan on them! Bring in any power tools you may have and get a pawn loan in minutes! Also, we give you 90 days to complete the repayment of the loan.

You’re not limited to 90 days either. If you have the funds to pay early, WE WELCOME IT! Just come into the store, show us the pawn loan slip, pay the rest and the tools are back in your hands! If you need more time, we’re flexible too! Just pay the interest and we’ll rewrite the loan. If you have further questions in regards to how our pawn loans work, just check our FAQ page.

Proudly servicing Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek and the Valley!

It goes without saying that as a business we serve the customers closest to us. That’s why we can say that we are a store that will buy power tools Chandler residents own. But that should never limit our customers from our sister cities of Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, AJ (Apache Junction) and the like. When other businesses may not provide you the service you need, we’ll step in and help out! This is how we have been in successful business for over the past decade. Our dedication to the customers’ needs is what kept us up to date with the tools of success. We’re simply offering new tools for them to utilize as a means of thanks. Bring your tools, we’ll bring the cash. Stop by Oro Chandler today!