Gold Loans in Chandler

gold loans chandler

At Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold we’re always interested in loaning on your gold. We offer the highest cash value on your gold, jewelry and valuables. We monitor the gold spot market daily and stay close to market price. You can be sure that whatever the true value of your gold, you’re getting the most money on great terms.

How Does a Gold Loan Work?

Bring us your unwanted and scrap gold, gold coins, old or broken jewelry, estate jewelry – even dental gold – and we will test it for purity, weigh it and give you a price. If you agree, we’ll pay you in minutes.
A gold loan is a short-term loan where you pay back the principal plus interest within 90 days. You also have the option of paying just the interest and extending your loan for another 90-day term. If you cannot, or choose not to pay back your loan by the end of the term, you may surrender your items as full payment with no further obligation.

Gold Loans are Easy!

If you need cash fast but don’t want to sell your gold, take advantage of our loan services. We accept old gold, scrap gold or unused jewelry. When you take out a gold loan, you still own your gold. We are simply giving you a loan based on its “real money” value.

Gold loans Chandler

Gold is a “real money” asset that is easy to value. The price fluctuates daily on the spot market. We have the knowledge, experience and cash to make you a loan on any amount of gold. We specialize in jewelry and, if there are stones, we add their value. If you have estate jewelry, it can be worth more than spot price. We will appraise your pieces and always offer you a fair value.

See Oro Chandler Pawn and Gold for Your Next Gold Loan

Serving the East Valley, including Mesa, Gilbert and Queen Creek, Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold will pay you the best prices for your gold. When you pawn your gold with us, it is kept in our secure vault and can be reclaimed at any time in the 90 days by paying the balance on your loan, plus a little interest. Give us a call or stop by to see what we’re paying today!