The Most Cash for Buying or Selling Samsung Phones!


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Samsung has grown to be the household name for phones. This was further solidified with the arrival of the Galaxy Phone Brand. But ultimately, with the rapid change in phone technology, previous models start collecting dust. But no longer! From the Contour Flip Phone up to the newest Galaxy S series phones, Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold can offer you the absolute max cash for your Samsung Phones!

Why Sell Samsung Phones to You?

Because we pay the most cash for any Samsung phones, and are also the best pawn shop in Chandler hands down.  Our unique ability to get you fast cash within the span of a few minutes has set us ahead of anyone else in Queen Creek or Gilbert.  We even offer the most convenient cell phone selling process in town with an Online Application.  We’ve been serving the proud residents of Chandler for over a decade and have become experts of all things smartphones, particularly Samsung devices like the Galaxy and the Note.  This allows us to pay the most cash for any used Samsung cell phone you have.

The process is pretty simple.  You come on down to our Chandler pawn shop with your Samsung cell phone and hand it to one of our associates.  We’ll first check whether or not the phone has been “blacklisted” which is what cell phone companies call it when it has been stolen, or not paid off through a carrier.  Next, we’ll test all the basic features that you’d expect from a smartphone such as its ability to charge, play video, play music, make and receive phone calls, and connect to the Internet.  Once you’ve passed all of our tests, we’ll take a look at what the current market value is (also taking in mind the condition of the phone which si why you should always have a case!) and make you an offer based on that.  When you choose to accept our offer, we’ll collect a few signatures from you and put cold hard cash in your hand.  No checks, no nonsense, just cold, hard cash in your pocket.

New, Used, or Locked Samsung Phone?

Forget about the ads on TV where they want you to send in your used, new or blocked cell phones. These places then expect for you to wait around for weeks before finally getting a check. There’s no point in waiting when your phone can be sold for cash today; more than you’d ever get from one of those non-trusted online buyers. You walk in with an old phone and in a matter of minutes you will be walking out with cash! Whether you purchased your old phone through Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or any other carrier, WE WILL STILL BUY IT!

Maybe there’s a Samsung phone sitting around collecting dust? Just changed phones to another Samsung after upgrading? Blocked ESN? We will buy them no matter the condition; bring in your used Samsung phones and get the most CASH in minutes!

Any Guidelines to keep in mind?

What store that would buy Samsung Phone Chandler locals own WOULDN’T have guidelines? Now that we’ve said that, there are some things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure to have all accessories that come with the phone; THIS INCLUDES Charger and/or Charging Cable (if the Charger did not come with the device).

Also, we request that the unit be cleaned prior to having us buy it. While it may not be possible to get it to look factory new, having it cleaned as close as possible to factory new is appreciated. Also make sure the inside of the phone is dry and clean. This, too, affects the value of the device.

Finally, in regards to broken, damaged, or cracked devices: With limited exceptions, meaning the newest models AND with minimal damage (scratches, dings, etc.), we recommend not turning those in. We wouldn’t want you to enter our store and be turned away. That is bad for both of us, but it hurts us to turn customers away.

What Kinds of Samsung Phones Will Our Pawn Shop Buy?


  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 (all American carriers)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (all American carriers)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (all American carriers)
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 (all American carriers)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (all American carriers)
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (all American carriers)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (all American carriers)
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (all American carriers)
  • And More!

What if I want the phone back?

There’s the catch; as a store that will buy Samsung phone Chandler locals own, it’s a basic transaction of ownership. What that means is all sales are final. If you’re looking to get your phone back or rather part ways temporarily, we recommend a pawn loan instead. If you have questions in regards to this, or how pawn loans work in general, check out our FAQ Page.

What Gives Oro Express Chandler the (Samsung) Edge?

Simply put, we have the desire to get customers the money they need from the items they don’t. It also gives them the option of not throwing perfectly good phones when there’s a place (us) that will take them.

Come into the best pawn shop this side of Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Mesa, and sell your used cell phone and used Samsung device today!