Sell Us Your iPhones, Droids, and Smartphones!


Sell used cell phones Oro Express Chandler

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Chandler residents are usually happily surprised to discover a used cell phone store right in their midst, inside one of the best pawn shops in Arizona. By bringing your old cell phones to a local store that buys and resells used cell phones, you recapture some of your investment while still saving on gas. You also help conserve precious resources, like the rare earth minerals inside every phone. Avoid driving all over Arizona wondering where to sell phones for cash when Oro Express Chandler will buy them from you.

Why Choose Oro Express Chandler

Sell used cell phones Oro Express Chandler

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Among stores that buy used cell phones, the prices offered vary wildly. With a local, dependable buyer like Oro Express Chandler, you can sell your smartphone knowing you will get the best, fairest price possible. We value our customers and hope to build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Which Cell Phones Can I Sell?

Sell used cell phones Oro Express Chandler

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We buy all types of cell phones:

  • Flip phones
  • Smartphones
  • Android phones
  • Apple iPhones

Many Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert residents have old phones gathering dust. They may include phones you bought for children, models you once loved but have outgrown, or a previous generation of iPhone. Bring them in and we will appraise your phones, then offer you a great price.

Shop and Sell Locally

Sell used cell phones Oro Express Chandler

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Whether selling smartphones or buying them, you can do no better than to shop Oro Express Chandler for the widest selection in used cell phones. Need a quick “burner” phone while away on business? Come on down. Need a new-to-her cell phone for your high school track star? Come on down. Tired of your Android and hoping to avoid the huge markup on new iPhones? Come down to Oro Express Chandler and see the wide selection of name brands:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Google
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi

We have other brands, too; some older, some new!

Buy or Sell Your Cell Phone in Chandler

Sell used cell phones Oro Express Chandler

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As one of the top pawn shops in Arizona, we always have a deep bench of products ready to sell buyers with a great eye for bargains. We also pay to buy cell phones we can turn around and sell quickly. Whether you are buying or selling cell phones, you need to pay us a visit to save yourself some serious cash. Why buy a box, instruction sheet and flashy plastic wrapping when you can get a perfectly good, used cell phone for a lot less?

Bring in your old cell phone. Show our buyers that it still works, let them check it out and appraise it, and walk out with cool cash in your wallet. It really is that simple. If looking to buy, come on down and browse in a beautiful showroom with no pressure to purchase.