Living in the 85225 area and looking for a new way to get some money? Let us help you with this map and directions to get to our store.

The Map of 85225 to Oro Chandler

Provided above is the map used as reference from 85225 to us here at Oro Chandler. Two guaranteed ways to arrive are the following:

  • Route #1: Start off at East Erie Street, head west to North Arizona Avenue. Once you are on North Arizona Avenue, or the US-87 as some would see it, you’ll make the left turn onto the small shopping center prior to West Warner Road. If you pass a Big 5 Sporting Goods on your Left, you went too far. Turn around and you’ll see us on the right. We also happen to be next to a Mambo’s Dominican Kitchen and slightly behind a Dominos Pizza store.
  • Route #2: Starting off at East Erie Street once more. This time, head up North McQueen Road and head north until you reach East Warner Road. Make the left on East Warner Road and remain on that until you reach North Arizona Avenue. You then take another left onto North Arizona Avenue. You’ll only need to travel South for less than a block before passing the Dominos and see us behind it. You will want to turn in there. If you pass the AMF Chandler Lanes on the right hand side, you went too far.
  • Some Guidelines in reaching to us:
    • If you’re heading North, you’re going in the right direction if you past Ray Road.
    • Both North Arizona Avenue and the US-87 are the same road.
    • We’re on the Southwest corner of a small shopping center off of Arizona Avenue and Warner Road.

What Makes Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold the Best Choice?

Oro Express is a Pawn Shop like no other: it offers great deals on its pawn loans and even greater sales on its items. Thanks to our85225 - Directions to Oro Express Chandler partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, we are able to make incredible title loan offers to our customers. Finally, we have caring staff that will work out ways to make your financial challenges less burdensome; though we can’t wipe out your debts entirely, yet. This has been the commitment of this pawn shop for the past decade and many more to come. Finally, let this set of directions be a guide to reach us from the 85225 area, so you can see what great offers Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold have in store.