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Gold Jewelry Loan - Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold

Gold Jewelry Loan

Gold jewelry is one of the most valuable assets that the average household has.  If you look at the ratio of size to the value of items in your house, the television and computer are probably worth a good bit. However, those items are much larger than gold jewelry.  This means when you want to take valuable assets like these and turn them into cash when your finances are stretched, they can be extremely difficult to work with.  Nobody wants to have to load a used television into their cars or have to part with their laptop/computer which potentially has a great deal of sensitive and time critical information.

What we often forget is that the gold jewelry that sits in our bedroom can be the source of cash you need when you’re truly in need of it quickly.  On top of the convenience, the process can take as little as five minutes when you visit an experienced, professional Chandler pawn shop.  If you’re looking to get a gold jewelry loan, Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold is the only place worth visiting where you know you’ll be dealing with honest professionals.

Appraising Precious Metals: Gold

There are many types of gold; white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, and also varying levels of purity.  The color of the gold doesn’t typically have a large influence on its actual appraised value. The purity percentage, however, does.  When you bring your gold jewelry on down from Gilbert, Queen Creek, or Chandler, our associate will start the appraisal by trying to identify this purity percent.  This is done by looking for a stamp typically left by the original jeweler who made it.  This can be inside of a ring, on the clasp of a gold necklace/gold ring, or sometimes nonexistent.  They’ll vary from “10 kt” to “24 kt” or a purity percentage of ~40% to ~99.9%.

Using this as a starting point, an acid test is then performed. We do this to verify that the percentage advertised on the gold jewelry is truly accurate.  Our careful procedures ensure that no damage whatsoever is done to the piece of jewelry.  Lastly, we’ll collect the weight of the gold jewelry in grams. This helps to identify just how much of the precious metal you have in the necklace, ring, or earrings.  The combination of all of this data is what creates our cash loan offer.

Our offer on precious metals like gold jewelry is the highest you’ll find in Chandler and its surrounding cities.  We update our prices regularly and compare them to competitors. This helps to ensure that everyone who enters our Chandler pawn shop is getting a fitting value. This makes us as competitive as possible.  Should you accept, your gold jewelry goes into our vault. After a few signatures, we’ll put cold, hard cash right into your hand.  No checks, no nonsense, no hassle!

Repaying A Gold Jewelry Loan Is Simple

Our gold jewelry loans being written out for a period of ninety days. It doesn’t mean whatsoever that this is the only loan length available to you.  Come to the end of the pawn loan term, you have the option to either repay the principal and interest in full to get your gold jewelry back, or we’re more than happy to extend your gold jewelry loan for another 90 days with just the payment of the interest!  This more than anything shows our commitment to our customers, and we would never put you in a position to have to lose your gold jewelry.