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Pawn Diamond Rings - Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold

Pawn Diamond Rings

Some of the most expensive items that we’ll ever buy in our lives are with a significant other, or for a significant other.  None of these is more iconic than a diamond ring – the token symbol of a man’s love professed to a woman when asking for her hand in marriage.  While a diamond ring specifically is an item meant to be held onto for a lifetime as that symbol of love, when an individual in Gilbert, Chandler, or Queen Creek finds themselves in financial distress, sometimes the only place to look is at the diamond jewelry around them.

Whether it’s an engagement ring or just a diamond ring, Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold is here to help. Pawn diamond rings for cash at our Chandler pawn shop. We can put hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, worth of cash right into your pocket.  The process is quick and easy and is more commonly called a diamond ring loan.

Getting Cash for Your Diamond Ring

The process all starts when you bring your diamond ring down to our Chandler pawn shop. One of our associates can perform an appraisal on it. In order to maximize the amount of cash we are able to loan, a thorough, in-person inspection truly is necessary every time an individual seeks a diamond loan.  There is such a great deal of intricacies that images nor a verbal description simply will not come anywhere close to providing accurate judgments on its quality.

How Will I Get a Proper Estimate?

Any associate you deal with at our location has been thoroughly trained through years of diamond jewelry handling, and also the aide of an actual diamonds in-person class from a certified professional. Ultimately, what is being judged is what is commonly known as the diamond’s four C’s – cut, clarity, carat, and color.  The most difficult of these particularly when it comes to diamond rings is the clarity portion of this. Clarity refers to not just a person’s ability to look “through” the ring. Clarity also takes into account any small modifications on the internals of the ring.  Things such as inclusions are natural barriers to a diamond’s clarity; however, there can also be “tunnels” made by previous diamond jewelers attempting to fix them.

What Are The Other Details?

Enough of the details!  The last piece that we also consider is the type of setting your diamond ring uses.  Obviously, precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum all have their own value separate from the diamond.  We take great care for all customers from Queen Creek, Gilbert, and Chandler to get this value as well.  All of this culminates in a cash offer which we can almost promise will be worthwhile amongst jewelry loans. We collect a few signatures, put cash in your hand, and then store your diamond ring in our safe, secured, and monitored vault until you’re ready to repay the loan entirely.

Jewelry Loans = Pawn Loans

When you pawn a diamond ring, it’s subject to the same conditions that all of our other pawn loans enjoy.  This includes a ninety-day term for the pawn loan; along with principal plus accrued interest. This payment is required to retrieve the ring back.  This is not the end of the road, however, for any customers who need more time on their diamond ring loans to get back on their feet, that’s totally fine!  With just the interest being paid off, we can happily pawn the diamond ring again for another 90 days.