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The Best Gold Buyer Prices Queen Creek - Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold

Gold Buyer Queen Creek

Living in Queen Creek is always a wonderful place in the Eastern Valley of the Sun. There is also plenty of businesses and buyers of items that customers can assist them in making some cash. But very few match the confidence and collateral from visiting here at Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold. So here are some things to know when you are looking to get the best gold buyer prices from us.

How Does a Gold Buyer Determine Value?

That is based on several factors, such as the type of gold, the number of individual pieces, and specifically, the karat quality of the gold itself. Let’s break down each of these values:

  • Gold Type: These can range from simple coins to bars.
  • Individual Pieces: Depending on the type, we would recommend sticking to one piece first. Once the initial assessment is finished, customers could add more.
  • The Karat: The higher the karat, the better the payout we can offer.

Is there a Difference in Gold Buyers and Gold Loans?

There is a critical difference between buying gold and a gold loan. Buying gold means customers are surrendering their gold for a cash payout. Once the transaction is complete and the customer leaves the store, ownership falls to us. We had a situation where a customer did change their mind and decided to cancel the transaction; fortunately, the customer was still in the store. They wanted to first make sure we were giving them the best offer for their gold. Days later, not only did the customer come back with their original gold, they brought MORE.

This is a different instance for those seeking gold loans. For those customers, we hold onto the pieces and provide money as part of our pawn loaning program. That money is then paid back to us within our term period. This term period is 90-days as the standard of our programs, but customers are encouraged to pay the loan back as soon as possible to save money on the interest accrued prior to the final maturity date.

What Other Items Do I Need?

We will need to have an Arizona State-Issued ID (Driver’s License usually).  This license must be both current AND valid. Without this caveat, we can’t even begin the process. So make CERTAIN this is taken care of this before leaving home.

How Long Will it Take to Buy the Gold?

Including all the necessary paperwork, it shouldn’t take more than 1/2 hour on average. Depending on how many pieces of gold could further increase the time involved. There was an instance where a customer had more than $50,000 worth in gold, so the process took nearly 6 hours.