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Chandler’s Best Antique Coin Store

Antique Coin Store - Oro Express Chandler

If you are a coin collector, you know that at any given time, you can can find a coin that is not currently in your collection.  Whether it be by chance, or one you have been looking for high and low, there is a sense of accomplishment with every coin.  We here at Oro Express Chandler Pawn & Gold are very proud of our collection of bullion and numismatic coins as well.  Our staff’s experience and knowledge of coins, along with the prompt and friendly service they provide is second to none.  So come on in, check out what we have to offer to buy or sell from our collection of bullion coins and numismatic coins.  Who knows…we might just end up being your favorite antique coin store!

We Sell, Buy & Pawn Bullion Coins & Rounds

Coins that are made to be circulated as currency, are vastly different proof minted coins or rounds of bullion.  Although some coins orWe buy, sell and pawn gold bullion coins and rounds at Oro Express Chandler - Antique Coin Store rounds are struck with the same design, there’s no monetary value noted.  Instead, they are struck with the purity of the precious metal, and the weight of the coin.  These are considered bullion coins.

Bullion coins and rounds’ value is based on the purity of the precious metal, and its weight.  Most of these coins and rounds are minted from 95.9% to 99.9% pure precious metal.  Their weight is measured by troy ounces (31.1034768 grams).  This is more than a standard ounce.  Therefore, there is no set price per platinum, gold or silver round or coin.  Because these are commodities exchanged on the market.  As a result, part of their assessment is to verify the current spot price.

Bullion coins and rounds, are the more frequently sought after coins for investment purposes mostly.  Because of their size and they are more easily accessible, this is a common way for people to begin investing their money.

Whether it is to buy, sell or pawn bullion coins, Oro Express Chandler verifies the spot price before an offer. 

Authentic Numismatic Coins at Chandler’s Antique Coin Store

The other side of a kind of coin collecting is numismatic coins.  Simply put, the study and collection of coins.  These are rare and collectibleNumismatic Coins - Oro Express Chandler - Antique Coin Store coins that are worth far more than their face value.  Many of these coins were removed from circulation.  Whether it was due to an error in the ink used, a striking error, or replaced by another form of currency, these are valuable coins.

Oro Express Chandler has seen its fair share of rare coins over the years.  And with each coin, we gain more admiration and respect for all that these coins represent.  With that said, we wouldn’t acquire these coins without trading the collector a worthy offer.

What Makes Oro Chandler Stand Out As THE Antique Coin Store?

Our dedication to provide Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek with a source to buy, sell or pawn their coins.  No matter if they are bullion or numismatic, we will assess and calculate an accurate offer to present to you.  In addition, we offer pawn loans on coins.  Thereby you do not have to sell your coins when you are in a financial bind.

Oro Express Chandler is the music instrument buyer of the East Valley!

Anyone that collects coins knows that you never know what you are going to see at our antique coin store.  Although they may not buy it, they too will admire our consistently updated current selection.