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Engagement Ring Trends in 2019

With engagement season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to begin considering what type of ring will accent your proposal best. Whether you’re planning on popping the question, or saying “yes” to the love of your life, the ring chosen is important.  Because there’s so many styles to choose from.  And you want the ring to express your love, without any unnecessary words.  Therefore, let’s examine 3 engagement ring trends that have taken 2019 by storm!

Checking out the latest and most well-loved trends can help you find a ring that both uniquely captures the romance of your relationship while bringing something new and interesting to the table. Before you head into scope out the options at stores that sell engagement ring options of all shapes and sizes, consider some of the biggest trends of 2019.

Diamond Halos

By far the most popular trend for engagement rings in 2019, the age-old diamond halo has made a serious resurgence after falling out of fashion nearly a decade ago. In 2019, the look is back andDiamond Halos - 3 Engagement Ring Trends of 2019 ready to make a big statement. The halo style is defined by the presence of a ring of diamonds that circles the centerpiece stone.

This additional layer of diamond is beautiful and serves a big purpose: drawing more attention to the center stone. The additional ring makes the main stone look larger and more vibrant, and generally helps make a big, beautiful ring appear even grander. If you’re really looking for an extra boost, consider a double halo.

If you’re not quite into flashy ring designs, the halo concept might seem a bit too much. However, there’s a halo for that, too. If you want to boost the prominence of your center stone while keeping the look of your ring, a hidden halo might be the way to go.

Rather than surround the entire diamond, the halos involved in this style are hidden or semi-hidden beneath the stone. This “raises” the stone up visually and makes it the true center of attention.

Colorful Stones

Within the past few years, there’s been a movement away from using diamonds in engagement rings, especially among younger couples. However, this has little to do with a lack of desirability inTop 3 Engagement Ring Trends in 2019 regards to diamonds themselves.

Rather, couples are simply looking for something less traditional, a more unique spin on classic cuts and settings that makes every ring a bit more unique. Gemstones of all shapes and sizes may now be found in engagement rings of nearly every style, but some are certainly more popular than others – sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and alexandrite tend to be among the most popular options for non-diamond wedding rings.

If you want a pop of color but still prefer the tradition a diamond has to offer, though, don’t worry – colored diamonds exist, and they work well with practically any ring design.

Yellow Gold

For a while, yellow gold fell to the wayside as ring shoppers opted for brighter, more silvery-white gold and platinum settings for their stones. However, yellow gold is back in 2019, and in high demand.  And for a good reason.  Not only is this metal timeless and beautiful, but as more and more people are learning that it’s simply a practical option as well.

Yellow gold is easier to take care of than white gold.  In addition, it maintains its shine much longer than platinum.  Furthermore, stones tend to appear brighter and more lustrous when compared to the yellow metal.  Especially diamonds.  This makes finding the perfect look that much easier.

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