Buy & Sell Silver at Oro Express Chandler!

By October 20, 2016Silver
Coin Buyer - Oro Express Chandler

Silver does not mean second. It means that this is the one precious metal that stands out from gold itself. It does not lessen gold’s importance,  yet it doesn’t diminish value either. Oro Express Chandler Pawn and Gold is open to all fans and specialists that let their silver revel in the spotlight. Just like our gold counterparts, we offer the same great features that Silver owners can appreciate with our business.

We Offer Silver Loans

No matter the form it takes, if you have it, we’ll give you the most loan-to-value for your silver. Naturally, the more you own, along with the higher the purity will make the value go higher as well.

Buying Silver is also our Specialty

Not comfortable with the idea of loaning us your wares? We can also buy it from you as well. We are always looking for new additions to adorn in our store and take all the various types, including but not limited to:

  • Bullion: Like Gold Bullion/Bars, but of the focus is not on gold.
  • Coins: Old or new, this country or foreign currency, we happily accept them.
  • Jewelry: Any and all types of silver jewelry are welcome and may further ENHANCE the value with items like, say, diamonds.
  • Scrap/Nuggets: Even if it’s not in a form mentioned previously, we will still consider it for purchase of some kind. Just stop by our store and find out today!

Did We Mention That We Also Sell Silver in Chandler?

Finally, the real reason to get to us: INCREASING your collection. We have seen and sold this special metal for so long we sort of stand out as the standard setter in most of Chandler (that’s a nice tongue-twister)! For the past decade, we have been a source of purchasing from us as it is a unique alternative from other stores. Because of this fact, we stand apart in providing some of the most exotic pieces known in the area. We will continue this exclusive tradition to this day!

As you can see from our small sample of options, we make it very appealing to all silver owners. So if you want to make the most of your favorite metal, Oro Chandler is here for you! Stop by today and get the cash you deserve from the wares you own.