Spring Cleaning AND Making Money! Oro Express Chandler Can Help!

Spring Cleaning AND Making Money at Oro Express Chandler

While spring is closing into summer, spring cleaning is still a good thing to do. Dusting off old items you don’t need, clearing out room for new things to add to the home, etc. Before you decide to throw those old items away, have you considered having us buy them from you? Yes, that’s right! Do Spring Cleaning and Making Money all at once.

How Do I Do That?

The start of the process is simple enough. First and foremost, contact us about what we could take in. You can also use our chat feature to get an estimate of the potential value of your items. Keep in mind that this value is based on it being in a) near perfect condition, b) all accessories and/or manuals that come with the item itself. Have to make sure it’s complete if you want the maximum amount of money. Third, just show up with the item. We’ll make a determination (if you haven’t contacted us already) and get you the money right then and there.

What Kinds of Items Do You Accept?

Fair enough. Here’s a small list of items we normally take in, but this list isn’t limited to just these items:

As a pawn shop, it’s easy to have us take in these items, but then again, we wouldn’t be in the business for over ten years if we JUST bought these items listed here. So simply contact us before you think you should give that item over to us.

There’s a lot that goes on with Spring Cleaning. Knowing what to keep and what to toss is an ever-present debate. Just know that while you’re doing the cleaning, clean up some cash courtesy or Oro Chandler. Thank us later.