The 5 Most Expensive Things Made of Gold

By October 3, 2018Gold
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Gold has been a valuable and intriguing precious metal for centuries. It has played a central role in historical conquests, the rise and fall of economies, and some of the most popular fairy tales. Gold is economically valuable because it is rare, naturally-occurring, and doesn’t contain any radioactive properties. While the market price of gold may rise and fall from day-to-day, it will always be a sought-after material.

Anything made of gold will always have financial worth. Here are some of the most costly gold objects from around the globe.

1. 1933 Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

The most expensive golden watch known to man is worth $11 million. This 18-karat gold watch, dubbed the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication, was commissioned by wealthy banker Henry Graves Jr. It is one of the most complex mechanical timepieces. If you have a gold watch lying around, it may not be worth $11 million, but it could be worth a lot!

2. Royal Canadian “Big Maple Leaf” Coin

While there are plenty of expensive and collectible coins, there’s one that stands out. The Canadian gold coin named “Big Maple Leaf” with Queen Elizabeth II’s profile on it is worth $997,000 and created from 99.99% pure gold. Not only that, but it’s huge. It weighs 220 pounds and has a 21-inch diameter. An image of Queen Elizabeth II is on the head’s side, and maple leaves on the tail. Do you have any collectible coins? You may be surprised at what they could be worth.

3. Black Diamond iPhone

All iPhones are a bit pricey, but this one takes the cake. Stuart Hughes, a renowned jeweler, created an iPhone 5 case that is black and covered in 24-karat gold. He covered the Apple logo and edges in diamond studs and embedded the home button with 26-karat black diamond. This iPhone is worth about $15 million. While your iPhone may not contain gold or diamonds, you can get a significant amount of quick money for it.

4. BeefEater Golden Grill

Believe it or not, there’s a grill worth over $150,000. BeefEater, an Australian grill manufacturer created a gold grill for the Sydney Home Show in 2007. Grills this expensive usually reside in the mouth of your favorite rap artist!

5. House of Solid Gold CliC Readers

House of Solid Gold creates 18-karat gold reading glasses, called Clic Gold Readers. These reading glasses take 50 hours to make and cost a hefty $75,000. The entire frame, side stems, and back piece are all constructed from pure gold.

Do you Have Some Gold Valuables of Your Own?

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Image: Andrey Armyagov