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6 Things to Pawn For Fast Cash

Are you looking for a little extra cash, or is space what you’re more in need of? Either way, you’d be surprised how many things are taking up space in your home that could fatten your wallet instead. Here are 6 things in your Chandler home that you can pawn!

Nana’s Earrings

Have you inherited jewelry that is out-of-style or just plain ugly? It’s no secret that you can pawn jewelry, but you might not realize how much cash you can actually get. Bring it into our pawn shop and find out! Gold has a high and fairly stable value, which means your jewelry might be more valuable than you realize.

Gift Cards

Is your wallet bursting with gift cards you’ll never use? You might prefer cold hard cash over a gift card to Shuffleboards R Us, but someone out there will pay money for that gift card. Sell us your gift cards and turn that thoughtful gift into something you can actually use.

Your Old Cell Phone

With the newest iPhone and smartphones always improving on the previous year’s model, many people upgrade their phones before they really need to. You probably have at least one and maybeUsed Computer Store even several fully functional phones buried in the back of your closet right now. Dig those out and cash them in — Chandler pawn shops will pay good money for working smartphones, and someone else will get a “new” phone.

Old Video Game Systems

Video game consoles are constantly being updated and improved, and since most new systems play the games from the older generations, there’s no reason to keep those older systems around, taking up space. Cash in your old gaming system, free up some space, and know that you probably made someone’s kids very happy.

Old Computers

Computers are also constantly being phased out and replaced.  Your old computer could become someone’s new computer at an affordable price.  Or, someone can recycle your older laptop for use in the brand-new machines being produced all the time.

Your Old Musical Instruments

Lest you think that the only way to get cash is to sell your old electronics, here’s one you might not have thought of. There are lots of aspiring musicians out there who can’t afford theUsed Computer Store, and more! astronomical cost of a new instrument.  Therefore, that guitar you never play anymore might be worth something. You might even contribute to the creation of the next Jimi Hendrix.

Clean House and Make Money in Chandler, AZ

Who said cleaning house was a thankless job? When you can take your household valuables to the best pawn shop in Chandler for a quick return, you’ll have all the thanks you need. Mind you, there are more than 6 things you can pawn or sell at our store!  Visit Oro Express Chandler today and find out how much money you can make just by cleaning house.