What Do You Need for a Title Loan in Arizona?

By April 26, 2018Blog
What Do You Need for a Title Loan in Arizona

Most of us wish we never knew that panicky moment of needing more money than we have with no way of getting it, but it happens to all of us at some point. If there is no one you can turn to, and you don’t want to spend your day selling all your valuables to pawn shops in Chandler, what do you do?

Luckily there is someplace you can turn, and that’s to a title loan. A title loan is a fast, easy way of getting the money you need without being denied due to poor credit or no credit. Best of all, you get to keep your car while you borrow the money, as the title is only used to guarantee the loan.

If this sounds like a lifesaver to you, you’re probably wondering how to get a title loan. Rest assured, it’s easier than you would think!

What Do I Need for a Title Loan?

When you go in to get a title loan, you need very little. You’ll need your car, of course, so that its value can be assessed as collateral for the title loan. You’ll also need your title to demonstrate you own the car outright and there are no liens on it already. You will also need your drivers license or an ID, to show you’re really the owner of the car.

Can I Use Something Other Than My Car?

Perhaps for some reason, your car isn’t useful to you as collateral for a title loan. You might still be paying off your original loan, or perhaps it just isn’t worth enough to get you the loan amount you need. Luckily, cars aren’t the only vehicles you can use for a title loan. You can also use a motorcycle, a boat, or an RV title to get the loan you need.

What’s Next?

Getting a title loan is so simple that all you really need to do is stop by with your vehicle, its title, and your identification. To make the process easier, however, we’ve created an online loan application you can fill out before you come. The application process will also tell you if there is anything else you could bring to make the terms of your loan more favorable, such as a spare key or proof of income.

If you’re in an emergency situation and need cash fast, there’s no shame in that. Rather than going around to all the Chandler pawn shops, hawking jewelry to see if you can come up with enough money, get all of the money in one place with a title loan from us. Contact Oro Express Chandler today to find out more about how it all works.

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