Which Luxury Watch Brands Hold Their Value the Best?

Watch brands that hold their value the best

As any collector knows, certain brands and models will always be more sought after than others, which may impact your decision to buy or sell watches. Here is everything you need to know about how to value watches, plus a few watches that hold their value best.

How to Value Watches

First of all, it’s important to understand how watches are valued. As many collectors know, value is determined primarily by two main factors: availability and demand. A watch for which demand is high but availability is low will have the highest value, because people become willing to pay larger amounts to get it. High demand and high availability might increase prices a little, but low demand will tank values no matter what availability is like at the time.

With these factors in mind, here are a few watches that hold their value well.

Watches That Hold Their Value Best

There’s a lot of variability in the value of high-end watches. Some brands hold their value well overall, which other brands only have certain models that do. Here are a few brands and models to “watch” out for.

  • Rolex: This brand has been around since 1905, and is by far the best known high-end watch brand, even among non-collectors. A Rolex tends to hold its value well no matter what model it is.
  • Patek Philippe: Remember all that talk about availability? Patek Philippe almost never meets the demands even with new watches, so the exclusivity of these watches keeps values high across the board.
  • Cartier: This brand is well-known in the fashion world for both men and women, so chances are you’ve heard the name before. Believe it or not, their modern watches tend to maintain their value pretty well, although you’ll probably want to pass on older models if you’re looking for a good investment.
  • Breitling: This watch brand is the opposite. Among Breitling watches, the vintage models are the ones that are most sought-after and therefore hold their value best. Look for Transocean, Navitimer, or Chronomat models.
  • Tag Heuer: Not every Tag Heuer holds its value exceptionally well, but the Carrera and Monaco are both considered to be good investments by watch buyers.
  • Audemars Piguet: If you just happen to have a Royal Oak model sitting around, count yourself incredibly lucky! These can sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

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