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Whether you have just binge-watched the Marie Kondo series on tidying or are ready to spring clean your house, getting rid of clutter is always a gratifying feeling. While some of the unused items taking up space in your house may be considered as junk to you, others may find value in them. If you possess any of the items on the list below, bring them down to Oro Express and get some fast cash as you complete your spring cleaning.

Gaming Consoles

Whether you have aged out of playing Mario or the console belonged to a long-gone ex, gaming systems have high resale value. At Oro Express Chandler, we not only buy consoles, but we take theSell gaming consoles for cash games as well. Therefore, you can get rid of your entire gaming collection in one swoop. As consoles and games can take up quite a bit of space in your entertainment center, getting rid of the clutter will open up more room in your home.

Vintage Clothing

While you bought the cashmere sweater thinking you’d wear it every day, it has just been hanging on the back of the chair with its tags still on. If you have a lot of unused and/or designer clothing piling up, give them a new life and get some cash while you’re at it.


Sometimes you buy the latest gadget but don’t get around to using it. If you have unopened or pristine items such as DVD players, computers, tablets, cell phones, or flat screen TVs, you can get a premium price when you sell to us at Oro Express Chandler.

Power Tools

Maybe your kids get you new tools every Father’s Day or you have never gotten around to that home renovation project you had talked about. Instead of letting your power tools gather dust in yourWhere Can I Sell My Tools Near Me? garage, sell them! Saws, routers, grinders, drills, and industrial tools are all hot commodities for other buyers looking for a deal.

Old Jewelry

If your grandmother’s taste in jewelry does not match up with yours and her pieces are sitting dormant in a box, consider bringing them into a pawn shop. Your pieces will be given a chance at a new life, giving you the opportunity to make good money off their sale―especially if the jewelry is made of gold, silver, or platinum.

Gift Cards

Have you ever gotten a gift card only to put it aside and discover it in a drawer a year later? Many people don’t realize that you can sell unwanted gift cards at our pawn shop. Cards for gas, electronics, and pharmacies are some of the most popular. However, before you bring in your gift card, make sure not to scratch the pin number off as we can only accept unused and intact gift cards.

Musical InstrumentsTurn unused instruments into cash quickly

Your old drum set or keyboard is no doubt taking up some of your prime living space.  Clear out some space for new things and get rid of those instruments you no longer play.  Instruments are a popular item; many kids or other adults need them for their lessons.  Pawn shops will also take production equipment, DJ equipment, microphones, and speakers.

Get Paid for Your Spring Cleaning

Once the darkness of winter passes, it is time to let in some light and get rid of the junk that has been piling up in your house.  At Oro Express Chandler, we buy everything from electronics and gift cards to jewelry and vehicles.  If you have been cleaning out your home or garage and find items that are no longer serving you, bring them to our pawn shop.  We will provide friendly, fast service and cash on the spot.


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